Rey is on a journey of personal discovery. She needs to find her parents to complete that part of her identity, and it is painful for her to admit they traded her for drinking money. Her clear belief in basic rights for humans and robots alike shows in her intervention for BB-8 and refusal to sell BB-8 even for much-needed credits. She is assertive in wanting things her way, and also has a sense of internal ethics that resist the influences of the Dark Side of the Force (even though it would be rational to kill her adversary, she refuses to do so; though drawn to Ben Solo, she resists his evil, instead standing on her own principles). Rey forms a strong, largely silent bond with Finn. She is greatly impacted by Han’s death, but does not mourn in public; she shares her sadness in a silent hug with someone else who also lost him. She feels that she can win over Kylo Ren and turn him back into Ben Solo through their shared connection and abandonment issues. She adapts quickly to her environment and fully engages with it; taking on dangerous situations without easy adaptation (beating up Finn on BB-8’s behalf, hunting for scrap, bringing a door down on a monster’s tentacles to save Finn, stealing the Millennium Falcon, flying it into the caves to elude enemy pilots, fixing a poison gas leak, and allowing herself to be captured to gain access to Ben). She is skilled in flying even with no experience in handling a rig that big, because she has hands-on experience in taking ships apart for scraps. She tends to look at things on a surface level at first, in terms of what they can achieve — Luke scoffs at her understanding of the Force as being able to move rocks and control people’s minds. He also smacks her hand for taking him literally when he tells her to reach out into the Force. Rey quickly senses the Force, and uses it to manipulate her guards, but it takes her time to internally process “feeling the Force” in order to actively use it; she still instinctively knows it WILL work if she keeps doing it. Her lower Ni becomes convinced of things and stands firm upon them, such as her belief Kylo Ren will turn to the Light. She knows if she can turn Solo, he will help the Resistance win against the First Order. She has faith finding Luke will give her the answers. She trusts Finn despite not knowing him long, because she senses he is sincere. Rey believes Luke’s mistake was in believing Ben had already made his choice; in her mind, he is their last hope. Her inferior Te is mostly used in acting on her emotions. Snoke mocks her as unwise and easily manipulated. Rey doesn’t have to think, she just acts in the heat of the moment (with help from Se). She beats up Finn because the droid told her he stole a jacket, goes for Kylo Ren after Han Solo’s death, boards an enemy ship in an attempt to win him over, etc.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Until a little robot who needs help shows up, Rey lives a stay-at-home-alone life. She has resigned herself to her contentment, living years in apathy on a dead planet, waiting for her parents to return for her, and doing nothing about it. She does not want to change, and considers turning Han Solo’s offer to take her with him around the galaxy down, because she is so stuck in her rut of unchanging solitude. But what Rey has been waiting for is a cause — something to fight for. PEOPLE who need her. She finds it, in Finn, BB-8, Poe, Han, Leia, and even Ben Solo — and this need and desire to serve others (social 9) drives her into action on their behalf. Her stubbornness shows in her refusal to compromise for anyone. But she also has an aggressive 8 wing, triggered whenever she sees an injustice. She is fierce from the first moment Finn encounters her on the desert planet — she tells him to stop taking her hand, and she almost beats the crap out of him for taking a droid’s master’s coat (because BB-8 told her he did). She accuses Luke of doing wrong by his nephew and races off to save him. She fights Kylo Ren and his influence, refusing to adapt herself to become what he wants her to be, and insisting he do things her way. Rey channels her rage into her natural use of the Force. She takes an incredible amount of pain and suffering from Palpatine without flinching.