Noelle has a much warmer, more extroverted approach to people than her brother. She easily tunes into them, flatters them, and makes them feel better. She devotes her early young life, though she has ambitions of her own, to being her brother’s chief cheerleader and supporter, and to keeping other people happy. Noelle only decides to go after him when the situation becomes dire, because “everyone at the North Pole now hates me.” Though initially focused on herself (not being Santa’s sister anymore means no more family discount at her favorite stores), Noelle comes to broadly care about people. She admits that her greatest fear in being Santa would come from others not accepting a girl in the role – and her Santa suit only shrinks to fit her once she has been affirmed by people (“Thanks, that really helps!”). She loves what is familiar to her, which is her happy, cheerful, and joyous life in the North Pole. Noelle has always been the person who is supposed to fill in the background to more “important” Kringles, so she has never considered becoming anything more than what she is. She loves to attend to the minor details of Christmas, and tries to teach her brother how to do things, methodically, step by step. Once in Arizona, she finds herself unable to adapt to the outside world very well, since it is so different from her own. Noelle primarily uses her Ne to be cheerful, optimistic, and creative in problem solving (finding various ways to help her brother) – but she does not put two and two together, and realize that she is meant to be Santa until her brother announces it. Even then, she has some apprehensions about the future and her prospective failure. Not once does she stop and think about why she “inherited some of dad’s powers,” or consider that maybe this means SHE can be Santa, showing her disinterest in her inferior thinking / analytical function.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Noelle has a warm, and generous, heart… but she can be a little too interfering at times, with her brother. She must apologize for not thinking about how much pressure they put him under, or the expectations of his family (he had no choice in the matter; they simply assumed he would follow in his father’s footsteps), since those are things Noelle focuses on. She spends a lot of her time trying to live up to her dad’s wishes, for her to be her brother’s “helper.” Once in Arizona, Noelle starts helping everyone else, from pointing out that letters addressed to “Santy” won’t be delivered, to setting up the mall director with two tickets to Hawaii so she can catch the man she loves, to interfering and trying to convince her hired P.I. of which gifts he should purchase his son. Her 1 wing is dutiful and doesn’t believe in taking the credit. She is not self-promoting and dislikes telling lies. Noelle is hard on herself, when she has “ruined Christmas,” and sets out to make it right.