Brian isn’t content to let Dorey and Susan feel differently about Christmas than everyone else, so he goes out of his way to introduce Susan to the concept of Santa, without her mother’s permission. When Dorey doesn’t like this, Brian tries to deflect off his decision by inviting her over to “try out” some mistletoe. He keeps trying to ‘force’ a belief in Santa on Susan, through introducing Kris as a babysitter the night he takes Dorey out to dinner. It’s his way of connecting to them, but also influencing the mood of common-held belief he is seeking to establish. His arguments in court to protect Kris focus on the mentality that belief in Santa Clause is common among a wide variety of people and therefore has social merit. Brian is upfront about his feelings and needs to show and reveal them, even though Dorey isn’t ready. Brian wants to be a husband and father. He tells Kris he has ‘pieced together’ the back history of Dorey’s loss of faith through “a dozen conversations” about her ex-husband. He holds to a strong belief he can help her heal and move forward. Brian maintains an optimistic view about her future, and theirs as a couple, even though she turns down or rebuffs most of his romantic advances. He has earned a position of trust in her life by being there for her when she wants or needs him to take care of Susan.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Brian is attempting to earn Dorey’s affection through being helpful – by taking care of Susan when she needs him to, by sewing up the turkey’s bottom, by arranging for a babysitter so he can take her out to dinner, by taking on Kris’ case when she asks him to… and it surprises him when she turns down his proposal flat, because he can’t see why she wouldn’t want him – he does everything for her, and never asks for anything in return! His 1 wing brings a strong sense of morality, right and wrong, and contempt for those who abuse their positions of power.