Jesper assumes he can get out of any situation through talking about it, convincing people, or changing their mind about what he has to do. Rather than do something with his life when his father sends him to post man school, he spends all his free time thinking up creative ways to avoid actually doing anything. Once stuck in a town full of feuds, Jesper looks for ways to get ahead, using whatever he sees in front of him and looking at the larger potential (delivering toys for Klaus turns into soliciting letters, teaching kids to read who cannot so they can write more letters, etc, all in the service of getting him out of here). He can charm just about anyone, make up bull to cover his tracks, and talks almost constantly about anything that catches his attention. When Klaus runs out of toys, Jesper decides to make him a new one. He is rational, and it takes him a long time to develop morality. Jesper initially is self-serving; it appeals to him to manipulate the townspeople and local kids for his own personal gain, and he never questions this, until it wakes up his extroverted feeling. Jesper then adamantly insists, at first, that this sort of thing doesn’t make him happy, but it actually does. He realizes that bringing other people joy is what life is all about. Jesper rationally realizes that establishing some “ground rules” for the kids (such as bad kids get coal, not presents) benefits himself… and other people. His girlfriend must show him how much good he has done in the community, since he instinctively pays no attention to it. He often successfully talks his way out of bad situations – or assumes that he can. At first, he has no interest in being “hands on” in any way—he doesn’t want to work, deliver letters, make toys, drive the sleigh, etc. As Jesper learns the meaning of generosity and goodness, he also has a desire to settle down and have a normal life, with a wife, children, and a desire to continue what he and Klaus started many years ago.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

His father gives him a no-end job in the middle of nowhere, because Jesper has zero interest in doing anything with his life other than having a good time. He takes none of his jobs seriously, often goofing off on the job, and attempting to argue his way out of bad situations through humor, charm, and excuses. He becomes miserable when he has nothing to look forward to, but also has a “busy” brain of ideas that help him bring joy to everyone in the community – even if his entire focus was just to get himself back home, where things are happening. His 6 wing is anxious about being in the middle of nowhere. He’s openly fearful when dealing with Klaus, due to his notable lack of a sense of humor. He’s also apprehensive about new situations, and the sheer violence of the people around him.