Klaus has become an expert toymaker, through his continual practice throughout his marriage to his wife. He meticulously made, hand-painted, and created a variety of beautiful toys, which he then kept dusty on the shelves in his cottage for years, until a needy child convinced him to get involved in society once again. Klaus never moved on from the home he shared with his wife, despite the pain of her loss and of never having children. It’s hard for him to adapt to a new way of living and to let Jesper in, although he uses his kindness and love of children to bring many of them joy. He believes his wife is guiding him to Jesper, through the wind that blows around his cabin sometimes, and has faith that she approves of him. Klaus talks about “expanding next year.” Though he isolates himself deep in the woods for a long time, everything he does is centered around the desires and needs of others – he built a cabin, despite it being so remote, in his wife’s “favorite place.” He kept her spirits up through creating toys for their future children. When Jesper shows happiness at having delivered a present to a child and seen the joy it gives, Klaus tells him that’s the most meaningful thing at all, to give happiness to another person. He comes out of his comfort zone and gives away his toys freely, whenever the children write letters to ask him. Jesper can easily emotionally manipulate him. He uses his introverted thinking to figure out how the toys work and make new innovations.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

He wants to live a quiet, unbothered life, and does so until he finds out he is needed. Klaus gives with no expectation of return and does not even ask the children to behave themselves – that is Jesper’s idea. He takes no credit for it, and never reveals his presence, merely delights in “living for others.” Stubborn, reclusive, and somewhat unemotional, he also flashes into 8 sometimes, such as when he “dominates” Jesper, and forces him to help deliver presents. He shows a firmness to the townspeople, in bargaining for peace. He explodes at Jesper for asking too many questions and invading his privacy, then quietly tells him the truth about his sorrows later.