Cindy is a bold, confident ‘hands’ on little Who girl, whose ‘shortcut’ includes recklessly driving across rooftops and making a splendid fall into the center of town. Given the idea that seeing Santa will make her wish for her mother come true sooner, she sets out to walk to the North Pole and layers on all the coats she owns, only to give up once she realizes how far away it is. Cindy rallies her friends around to discuss how to ‘trap’ Santa so she can have a face-to-face with him, and then shoots down her ENTP friend’s more ‘creative’ idea (layering the roof tiles with syrup so the reindeer get stuck; she asks how they will get the syrup up to the roof). Stolen Christmas is a situation in which you would expect a girl to be miserable, but Cindy values her mother much more than external circumstances, and puts on a sincere joyful face despite her losses. She is optimistic and driven, excited about her ideas and how to share them, but secretive about her reasons for needing to see Santa. She only tells her best friend, because he IS her best friend. When he says they ought to spread maple syrup on the roof to trap the reindeer, her Te points out the irrational thinking involved – how would they get the syrup to the roof and how would they keep it from freezing? She has a spectacular ‘epic fail’ when, catching the Grinch in her house, she takes him at face value and believes his story about wanting to fix a light on the top of the tree (“You do that?”). It’s only after she wakes up on Christmas morning to find all the decorations in town and all the presents and all the seasonal spirit ‘stolen’ that she realizes he wasn’t Santa at all, but a thief!

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Cindy’s desire is to help her mother out, since she “goes to work all night and then takes care of us all day… and is always doing things for other people!” But instead of doing it herself, she decides to recruit Santa into solving this particular problem through magical means. Cindy really does want to ease her mother’s suffering, and chooses to ask for this one really big wish instead of asking for presents. Her engagement with her friends shows that she has always been there for them and supported them through all their endeavors, loaning them money, keeping their secrets, and doing nice things for them. And now, she expects them to rally around her and help her do this for her mother. Or else. (She may tell a few things.) She has a sweet, optimistic attitude, a forgiving nature, and her response to the Grinch stealing their Christmas is to invite him to Christmas dinner, because “you’ve spent enough time alone.”