Meg, out of all her sisters, is most concerned with social appropriateness and the most easily influenced by the people around her – we first meet her purchasing fabric she cannot afford, in order to impress one of her friends. She then easily expresses her regret, both to herself, and to her husband. Meg feels better having aired her feelings (she hates being poor, and not having the beautiful things she longs to own) but is also reluctant to let them linger in the air — she instantly apologizes to her husband for not wanting the life they have. She tells Jo that her dreams are no less important or valuable than Jo’s, they are just different. When Amy wants limes to trade at school, Meg gives her some money to buy them, since “I know what it is like to want.” She knows her own mind, and what she wants for herself, and marries for love rather than financial stability. She loves beautiful things and longs for what she cannot have. Meg is a talented actress, but unlike Jo, recognizes her desire and need for a more stable, responsible, and down-to-earth life. She enjoys teaching the children at Jo’s school her dramatic skills, but also returning home to her family at the end of the day. She does not always want to embrace change, particularly if it might be seen as inappropriate, and initially refuses to let Laurie into their literary group, until her sisters sway her (Fe). Meg has a few dreams, but leaves most of the invention to her sister. She loves to dress up and playact for a few hours, even play a role, and then return to herself. Meg shows very little inferior Ti, except in accepting her lot in life and finding creative ways to be useful to her family.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Meg concerns herself first and foremost with how things look — she wants to be seen as appropriate, virtuous, and generous. She is willing to give away their breakfast on Christmas morning because her mother asks her to. Unlike Jo, she is eager to find and give love — she wants a husband and children. She looks after her sisters where she can, but also, like most 2s, feels deserving of little luxuries. She thinks that good behavior and kindness should translate into having beautiful things — rewards for her selflessness. Meg’s 3 wing likes to impress others. She enjoys being dressed up and playing a role at her friend’s ball, and is very hurt when Laurie shuns her for it. She always wants to impress others, and have “the best.”