Mia is an effective problem-solver and the boldest among the girls trapped in the underwater caves in terms of finding rational solutions. She uses air pockets to get enough air to continue her search for a way out. She abandons her air tank when trying to squeeze through a narrow space to reach the open ocean. She gouges out a shark’s eye trying to free herself from its jaws. Mia also reasons that the shark must have heightened senses due to living in the darkness for so long. She adapts quickly to her sister and her friends once they reach the lagoon and agrees to an underwater expedition that is less safe than she first feared. Mia notices and uses the air pockets. She first hears the distant music that she’s sure will lead them to her dad. She stays aware of her environment and uses it as best she can to protect herself. At a crucial moment, Mia leaps into instant action to save her sister, grabbing a flair gun, diving into the ocean, and blasting it at the shark. She also digs a shark tooth out of her pocket and uses it to protect herself. She is full of objective information about the Mayan caves. Though somewhat resistant to the idea, at first, of exploring them without her father’s permission, she impulsively agrees to go with them. Mia has very little opportunity to show Ni, except in that she intuits the shark’s heightened senses given their enclosed space, and reasons out that when her father found and opened a new cavern, he must have inadvertently increased the shark’s feeding ground. Though initially apprehensive about their underwater adventure, Mia quickly rises to the occasion and gives her friends motivational speeches. She expresses her feelings easily and well, although she can also become somewhat hysterical in intense situations.

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Mia is somewhat apprehensive about diving in the caverns without her father’s consent. She understands it is dangerous and only agrees due to pressure from her sister and her new friends. Once around the cavern and back, she thinks. She is calmer and more rational than most of them before they find the shark, careful not to disturb the ruins or kick up silt. Under pressure, she’s still able to mostly think rationally (all the hyperventilating and screaming they are all doing aside). She shows the 6 tendency to move into leadership and take action where others falter, becoming their cheerleader and the one most willing to take careful but calculated risks – all with the idea of finding her dad and relying on him to lead them out of the caves safely. Mia’s 5 wing is self-reliant and well-informed. She knows all about the caverns and is full of other historical information. She can be somewhat private, and compartmentalizing of her feelings, such as when school bullies push her into the pool and she doesn’t want to talk about it with her stepmother.