Nancy feels closest to her mother when she’s able to find and visit the beach her mother loved when she was young. Out there in the sea, in the middle of nowhere, Nancy feels confident and safe… until the shark attacks. She notices a whale and is drawn to it, then finds the shark. Nancy is adaptive in noticing things in her environment, and in using it to her advantage – she swims to and climbs up on the whale for her own safety, then manages to out-swim the shark to a rock. There, she watches him, calculates how long the shark takes to make each pass, and makes aggressive attempts to get herself help, including swimming to a floating lighthouse, then using it protectively, and finally, taking a high-risk chance in using herself as shark bait, which enables her to impale the creature and get away safely. To cope after her mother’s death, Nancy… ran away from her family to process her feelings, through connecting to her mother and her roots in nature. She needed to experience what her mother did, to find herself… the quintessential “Fi” journey of needing to feel connected to those who have come before you. Nancy avoids her father, and doesn’t want to talk about what happened. She deflects onto other topics, and focuses on the beach instead. Nancy talks her way through her problems, and uses effective methods to measure her success. She mostly relies on her body and what she knows she can handle (like a true Se-dom) but also on things like distance, probabilities, and her injuries. She talks herself through a surgical procedure, in which she uses her own necklace to suture a wound. Nancy makes every effort to keep warm, and stop her leg from bleeding. Nancy shows very little Ni, in her lack of foresight – she assumes it is safe to swim alone in a deserted beach, rather than catching a ride back to civilization with the boys.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Nancy ran away from her nursing career after her mother’s death by choosing to globe-trot, find herself, and do something “fun” – surfing and traveling with a friend who isn’t the most responsible person on earth. Despite her friend not turning up on the beach as planned, she goes ahead and surfs. Rather than talk through her feelings about her mother dying of cancer, she chooses to distract herself with fun and new experiences. Nancy tries to remain optimistic and cheerful. She easily talks to and connects with others, but also shows 6 wing’s tendency to second-guess. She’s fearful the boys on the beach might steal her stuff, and does not want to get too friendly with them. But her 6 wing isn’t enough to stop her from surfing alone, not knowing what’s beneath her in the water, or staying later than she should. And she never gives a thought to how she might “get home,” or that she needs someone aware she’s there who can pick her up, or will notice if she’s gone missing.