Benedict in comparison to the more free-thinking, humanitarian Francis is a strict traditionalist. He is a meticulous man, who learned and speaks fluent Latin and is somewhat surprised when others don’t. He easily remembers numerous details about Francis and recalls them to mind in their discussions. He has an established, comfortable routine of behavior that Francis finds surprising (he brings his own cultural food to the Vatican’s table, he always eats alone, and he retires to a certain room after dinner). He initially quarrels fiercely with Francis over doctrine (“I don’t agree with a single thing you say!”) but also comes to respect him. Benedict believes, after awhile, that Francis is acting as “the voice of God, and has given me a sign I needed to see.” One of the more scholarly choices for Pope, Benedict has a great deal of technical expertise and knowledge, ranging in his knowledge of religious doctrine and tradition to his understanding of Latin. He envies Francis’ easy way of relating to people and getting them to like him, since he tends to be blunt, articulate, and insistent upon his beliefs. He prefers the facts to emotions, and sidesteps issues he does not want to discuss simply by ignoring them or refusing to talk about them. Benedict does, however, carry guilt about his mistakes. He does not easily confide them in Francis, and cannot be shaken from what he intends to do, once he has made up his mind. His inferior Ne has no interest in changing the doctrines of the church or in upsetting the establishment, though he is willing to resign for the greater good.

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Benedict says if he had his life to live over, he would go out and experience the world God created, instead of hiding indoors with his books. He used them as an escape from the frightening outside world; choosing study and self-reliance rather than personal experience. Like most 5s, he can be argumentative and certain of his opinions. He tends to be highly withdrawn and unsociable, preferring to eat alone. Francis manages to coax him out of his shell by introducing him to pizza. Benedict does not like conflict, and wants to retire over it, rather than endure public scandal and abuse. His 6 wing does not like being under “fire” for his opinions, when they point to his flaws. He is quite protective of the Church itself and its reputation.