Carol learns through first-hand experience, whether that involves flying a plane she has never seen before or learning to type into a computer and use a search engine. She steals clothes and an abandoned motorcycle, uses telephones wherever she goes, and confidently engages with friend and foe alike, blasting down doors, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, and creating decoys and distractions so that her friends can escape unmolested. She comes to control her powers through getting a sense of them and their power, by connecting to them inside herself, and then uses a missile to destroy other ones, tearing through a ship and causing it to implode, and using her electrical powers to threaten other ships into fleeing. Before she became Captain Marvel, Carol was something of an innovative, daredevil pilot. Her mentor tells her repeatedly that she has to learn to “master her emotions,” or they will get the better of her. Carol, however, uses them to her own advantage – she takes pity on an abused alien species and decides to champion them, laying her life on the line to protect their escape from unlawful mistreatment and persecution. Her mentor finds out the hard way that when Carol is ‘done’ with someone, she means it – he thinks he can count on her sentimental feelings for him, as weakening her in battle; he’s mistaken. Carol simply doesn’t give a damn about him anymore, once she finds out the truth. She is efficient and practical, always goal-oriented, and highly forward about expressing her suspicions and doubts about people. She comes on too strong when she’s being careful (frightening a neighbor in the process). Her inferior Ni eventually connects the truth about her shattered back-story and discerns the true villain of her life’s story, but she has to see the truth of the alien species before she recognizes friend from foe.

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sp

Every time childhood Carol was bullied, fell down, crashed her bike, or flipped over a go-cart… she got back up with a look of determination. As an adult, she has little concern for pain or threats to her safety. She is assertive, powerful, and reacts from the gut, sometimes for the good (saving people) and sometimes for the bad (being too sure of herself, and blasting without asking questions). Carol is a highly healthy 8 – protective of those weaker than herself, good-humored and earthy, opportunistic, and something of a fun-seeker through her 7 wing. We see in flashbacks that she loved to party at the local bar, show off her fun-loving self with her loved ones, and she’s still got a sarcastic, witty or otherwise hilarious crack for every situation, no matter how serious.