Justin has learned precision on the ice through long hours of training… and natural talent. He can quickly adjust to his partner and mimic her movements, also catch her if she falls—regardless if she trusts him or not. Confident of his physical abilities, he’s willing to change up a hard routine at the last minute. He spends his “down time” indulging in one night stands, five course meals, and booze, but always knows when “enough is enough” and when it’s time to go home and get some sleep, so he can be in peak condition the next morning. Justin is quick to leap into situations, such as when he attempts to take his hotel room back from “transients” ands winds up in the police station. When he thinks his career for the season is over, skating-wise, he intends to travel, meet people, and see things. His low Ni knows that Kat is intended to be his partner; he feels like the universe brought them together. Though Justin puts on a cool exterior, he is actually quite emotionally motivated – he felt insulted when Kat did not call him back after they slept together, because every other woman in his life has. He tries desperately to please his father, the “one person” he can never please. When his father complains that others do not trust him, and asks if he is that hard to approach, Justin honestly and frankly says yes. He skillfully tells his father the best emotional approach to reconciling with his wife. He can be empathetic, encouraging, and kind… but also somewhat self-serving, since he uses women purely for sex and then gives them “the bathrobe and breakfast treatment.” His tert-Te is good. He is authoritative, hardworking, and realistic about what they can accomplish in competition. He’s willing to postpone their goals while they learn to work together and is realistic about why they are falling behind (her routines are easier, due to Kat being new to pairs skating).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sx

Justin comes across as cool, confident, and even arrogant to cover up his deep need for his father’s approval through his skating success. But he also has the 3’s natural ability to come out looking good. He worries about his reputation. He handles other people with poised indifference. He adapts to new situations as they come along – to some, he is tender, to others, the careless playboy. Because he loves her, and to save face, Justin covers up for her manic episode and takes the blame after Kat gets out of hand. He’s too proud to admit to his father it wasn’t his fault. His 2 wing is warm, outgoing, and social, often leaping into action to help out his friends whenever they need it, as well as making him somewhat emotional.