Kat is highly private about her feelings and spends a great deal of time defending herself against the outside world. Her mother says that she chose the routine she wanted at her last competition, even though no one thought it could win, simply because she preferred it. Though a compassionate girl who would do anything for her family and friends, her feelings always come first – when she feels attracted to Justin, despite knowing her best friend wants to sleep with him, she starts a relationship with him. Kat suffers her failures, fears, and miseries largely in silence, choosing to confide in others the situation and not exactly how she feels about it. When Justin asks if she meant what she said during her manic episode, she confesses that she does not know – and has to go away and think about it. Her inferior Te comes out harshly whenever she criticizes others or defends herself. It’s also not realistic in terms of monetary value (she fights with her mother, and winds up homeless; she naively believes her costume is only $700 and not $5,000) and she is often impulsive in her choices, and then scrabbling to make up the difference. Her best friend has to help her figure out how to get a second chance with Justin. She sees and takes opportunities as they arise, though first she must wrangle her feelings about being a singles skater and not wanting to skate with an ex-lover. Kat is led by her impulses and her sensory desires; though their coach tells them not to become emotionally or sexually involved, Kat follows her feelings into bed with Justin. She punishes herself for her failures in a very physically punishing way (biting her arms). After failures, she often wants consoled by a sexual encounter. She charges in to rescue her sister from their manic mother. She quickly adapts to pairs skating. Kat sees a chance to make a Sectionals and pushes her partner to do it; recognizing that she can’t skate her best on her pills, she stops taking them. Her Ni gives her a “hunch” that something is up with her sister, but she leaps to the wrong conclusion and “lives there” – she suspects the wrong man of messing with Serena and accuses him several times.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Serena is ambitious and determined to succeed. When she thinks her career in skating is over, she tells her best friend that she always thought “I would make my mark and be remembered.” Though she does not like Justin, the thought of giving up skating drives her to make a bold attempt to impress him and his father on the ice. Every time her emotions and Fi flares up, Kat soon brings it back under control, in order to drive her toward victory. She is desperate for her mother to love her, and the only way she can do that is through skating. When she realizes they became pairs too late to compete effectively or to go on the circuit this year, she pushes herself and her partner to do it anyway. When she feels they are lagging behind in their points, Kat brings in more triple jumps to climb the rankings. She can put aside her emotions to do her job or to skate, although her 4 wing feels isolated from other people, something of a loner, and can be melodramatic in her self-expression.