Mark took over a publishing house and “cleaned house” to make it run more efficiently; he fired and hired the staff and turned it into a successful business venture. He believes a controlled environment and supervision can cure Marnie of her compulsive thievery and blackmails her into marrying him, so he can do just that. When she encounters one of her previous “marks” (targets of thievery), Mark reminds her that it would be financially inadvisable for him to make trouble, since his publishing house is “one of his biggest clients… and I can turn others against him.” Though Mark appears to genuinely care about Marnie, he is also selfish in that he clings to her, even when she does not want him. He allows his own feelings of desire for her to violate her desire not to be touched. Mark is somewhat out of touch with her emotions, and his own, and uses force and intimidation to get what he wants rather than emotional vulnerability. He specialized in the mechanics of the brain in school, and still dabbles in it from time to time. Mark immediately picks up on Marnie’s intentions and keeps an eye on her, becoming more and more interested in her “brokenness” from a psychological standpoint, and obsessed with “curing” her. He pushes her to read psychology books and to dig into her childhood to determine what causes her “flashes” and hysterics. Mark investigates her past and fills in, intuitively, the rest of the story, dragging her back home to confront her mother in the belief that understanding what happened that night might cure her. His Se is opportunistic and quick thinking; when he discovers she stole from the safe, he calculated the missing money and replaced it, so as to avoid involving the police. He marries her on a whim, then lies to his sister-in-law about how long they have known each other. He promises to not touch Marnie after the wedding, but allows his lust to break his vow. He then drags her out of a swimming pool, after she tries to commit suicide.

Enneagram: 8w9 sx/so

Mark is coolly competent and always in charge. He is not afraid to take and use whatever he has against Marnie, in his effort to “cure” her, which includes robbing her of her autonomy. He dominates her in various ways, both sexually and mentally, and so attempts to mold her into what he wants her to become. At one point, he tells her to tell him the truth, because he’s resisting the urge to smack her around. Even in a crisis, he remains calm and in control. But his 9 wing doesn’t like conflict and so often backs down when Marnie becomes upset with him. He tries to comfort and console her whenever she’s upset, and tolerates her outbursts with a sense of calm.