Marnie is a competent thief who repeats her crimes all over the country, because they work: she comes in with one reference and a sob story about a dead husband but plenty of know-how, figures out how the place works, then robs them one night after work. She goes home, washes out her hair, and returns to her mother’s house, a place she feels safe where she longs for the affirmation she never receives. Then, she waits a few weeks and starts up the same thing somewhere else. Her mistake is in her habitual behavior becoming predictable; Mark figures out how to find her, by tracing her love of horses to a nearby stable. Under pressure, Marnie becomes big-picture focused and points out to Mark that she’ll go to jail because she’s a repeat offender. She begs him to let her leave, though he refuses in his intention to clear up the matter and cure her of her mental problems. She is an intelligent, logical woman who quickly does mathematics in her head, who focuses on the rational fall-out of her decisions, and who has no illusions about how the world works. She is a competent employee who keeps to herself. Marnie knows that her criminal behavior will get the book thrown at her, and thinks her only way around it is to run and keep running. She negotiates with Mark whenever she can, although he always has the upper hand, due to knowing the truth about her. Marnie can be brutally honest in her assessment of him, and mocks his attempts to get her to emotionally reveal herself (playing a game of “what word comes to mind when I say…?” in a dismissive tone). Because of her childhood trauma, she is prone to hysterics, but is still logical even when in distress. After her horse breaks its legs in a riding accident, she demands a gun so she can shoot him and put him out of his misery, then refuses to allow anyone else to do it for her.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Though a habitual thief who can’t help herself, Marnie also has a negative view of herself. When her mother says that she wanted to “raise her decent,” Marnie scoffs that “Oh, I am decent…” and then goes on to list her offenses, including lying and stealing. She’s horrified when Mark tells his sister-in-law they have known each other four years, since that implies they were having an affair before his wife died (“But now she’ll think…” she cries, aghast). Mark tells her she must learn to be kinder to herself, and forgive herself. Due to her trauma, Marnie is “frigid” and sexually repressed. She wants not a whiff of sexuality about her, and tries to control it by being distant and unreachable. But whenever she’s stressed, she flies into 4 disintegration – thinking herself unlovable, unworthy, and unwanted. Her 2 wing desperately craves love from her mother, and tries to buy it from her with beautiful presents. Marnie is deeply hurt that her mother seems to care about other children more than her own child, and routinely bumps her head off her knee when she tries to cuddle.