Jane likes to think things out in advance and structure the world around how she wants things to turn out; she is rational, and more detached than her husband – more out of touch with her emotions and willing to throw them aside, since she often underestimates the strength of her feelings (she loves John, but it takes almost losing him to remind her of that; she wants to abandon him because rationally, they have more of a chance of survival apart, but he’s able to convince her to stay, because he appeals to her emotions). She pretends to live the life of an STJ suburban housewife, but the reality is “Baby, I’ve never cooked a meal in my life.” She’s comfortable with chaos, and able to handle it effectively – likes to have things planned in advance and control the area to some extent, but when John screws up her intentions, she can improvise – drive the van, leap through a window, throw herself off a balcony. Jane has a stronger need to visualize and map things out in advance (Ti/Ni loop), and it’s her hesitation to do things spontaneously (without thinking about it, or seeing the consequences) which causes John to accuse her of having too much structure in her life. She can be closed off about her feelings, but can also put on a coy, fake front to cover them up (inferior Fe).

Enneagram: cp 6w5 sx/sp

Jane likes to control her surroundings and have things on her terms; she will cut and run, until she has time to prepare a better “stage” for a conflict – excusing herself in the restaurant and setting off a pipe bomb in the bathroom, so she can beat John home and be on familiar turf. She seems to rely somewhat on her “team” at work, feeling safer around them, but also being distrustful and inconsistent. She puts on a façade of STJ-like preparation, but also trusts her own instincts and mind (5 wing) and has lasor-like focus. She becomes more emotional, reactive, and showy under stress (moving into 3), but as a sexual 6, focuses on appearing intimidating and fierce to others, and in wanting the upper hand in her relationships (she’s always trying to dominate John).