John is the more impulsive partner in this marriage – and he harps on Jane for not being “more spontaneous.” He always improvises at the last second and changes his mind, based on the environment – he rigs up an elevator to look like he’s in it, and hides out in another; he uses the air ducts to infiltrate a building; he uses whatever he has at hand. He’s totally comfortable being in an unstable situation with constantly changing elements and doesn’t mind switching sides, but spent much of his married life totally clueless that he was sharing his life with an agent from a rival agency – he never bothered to put together the pieces or infer into her behaviors, until he became stressed and paranoid that she might be trying to kill him (inferior Ni). He’s logical, but also funny – he has rational arguments for everything and yet wants Jane to respond to him on an emotional level. Whenever he’s annoyed with her, he deliberately tries to provoke her by trashing the drapes she bought (that he hates) or her terrible cooking. He can become emotional under stress, and nitpick on meaningless things (“You mean your FAKE mother???”). John sizes up situations, quickly figures out the quickest fix, and then takes it – he hacks into computers and phone systems, he tests theories out for validity, and he decides what he wants and goes after it – consequently, developing a team-mindset (together, we have a worse chance of survival, but at least we’re still a partnership, honey!).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/sx

John doesn’t like to settle down, which is why he’s forever on the move and good at his job. But he also can’t keep his stories straight – showing his tendency to be forgetful, careless about details, and not remember things entirely accurately (how long have they been married?). He has an idealistic streak in his belief they can make it work, even with the world against them. Under stress, John seems to shift into 1 – a moralistic desire to patch things up with his wife, and stand by her side, to follow through on their marriage. His 8 wing brings in a level of aggression and hedonism, as well as grounds his 7 in practical reality.