Opportunistic and hedonistic, Count Dracula seizes upon the chance to “absorb” experiences, memories, and abilities through preying on human beings; in an attempt to “test himself” on board ship, he hunts down, attacks, and throws overboard, various people, endangering himself in the process by risking himself to exposure as the crew and passengers become increasingly more concerned with the presence of a murder on The Demeter. When a convent of nuns refuse him entry, he climbs up the window and asks one of his minions to invite him in, then goes on a rampage, using wolves where he cannot personally attack his victims. Dracula is highly physically aware and active, enjoying the process of terrorizing and feeding off people. Callous to a fault, Dracula has his own brand of problem solving and logic, but also envies the mortal’s ability to procreate, and attempts to find ways to reproduce himself. He services his own needs, and those of his minions, dispatching undead children wherever necessary, feeding an infant to one of his wives (then keeping it “for awhile” out of fascination with its undead vampiric state), and attempting to outwit and outsmart Sister Agatha through misleading her with information. His Fe makes him charming almost to a fault, but also able to find and prey on people’s fears – he has no real emotional investment in them, but merely sees them as tools for his own advantage and “tastes.” He quite enjoys lacing his conversation with hidden innuendos and double meanings. At one point, Agatha asks him “why toy with a cabin boy?” and Dracula replies that it gives him amusement. He likes to play with people and get an emotional high off their fears. He has no concrete plans for his future, beyond his vague desire to procreate, although on occasion he engages in abstract banter with Sister Agatha (“Stop focusing on the chess board, and start focusing on the game”).

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Unapologetic about his lust for blood and excess, when Agatha accuses him of  being uncontrolled and sloppy, Dracula argues the alternative, that he has discriminating tastes and no fear of his indulgences. He cannot and will not refuse to give in to his impulses, whether they are blood-related or in toying with people, sometimes to his own determent. His reckless preying on passengers on board ship almost gets him killed. He dominates others, senses their weaknesses and exploits them. Like many 8s, he knows who has the power in the room and is determined it will be him. He pushes people to test them, and mocks their weaknesses and fears, though he harbors some of his own. His 7 wing is witty and sacrilegious, can find a way to make anything into a mockery, and has no interest in self-reflection.