Rachel is a busybody who constantly assumes it’s her responsibility to take care of all the people in her environment — in knowing their business, in managing their business, and in using her resources to get things done. When the town board has a scandal, she leverages it against their reputations to get women on the board, as a way to balance out the scales. She becomes fixated on the idea of Miss Stacie needing a new husband, and tries to arrange it, then is irritated when the woman won’t do the conventional, socially appropriate thing and behave like a lady (she wears pants, she rolls around on the floor of the barn fixing things, and she dances with old men instead of her marital prospects). She can be fixated so much on what is socially expected (that a woman marries and bears children) that she can offend Marilla, by thoughtlessly talking about old maids and lost prospects. She never really questions her right to interfere so much in other people’s business, or that she could be wrong, until others show her that she is, showing a lack of self-analysis. She believes in doing things the way they’ve always been done, and doesn’t much see the point in changing them up; she’s a bit surprised when the Cuthberts take in an orphan child, but as she comes to know Anne, becomes more tolerant of her and able to see her as an important part of their lives and Avonlea. She’s a bit suspicious of anything new or progressive, reacting badly to the idea of the Progressive Mother’s Group (“Next thing I know, you’ll be burning your corsets!”). She does not much care for Miss Stacey, who does not make a good impression on her by wearing trousers and riding a motorbike… but as always, Rachel keeps up with the times. She enjoys being in charge of local events and handling the details, as well as doing many of the same things each year (such as canning). She isn’t above a reminisce now and again.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Rachel likes to hand out advice. Lots of it. She prides herself on being useful and compassionate, and does a lot of good in the town, such as looking after a baby after its mother is sick and/or gone. She can become belligerent, offended, and emotional when challenged in that way, since all she is doing is looking out for other people’s best interests. She loves to pitch in and help out in her community, often instigating public events, serving on church boards, and putting on Christmas plays, even teaching the children to dance. Rachel does not take kindly when others react badly to her counsel, or refuse to take it, or flat out are not appreciative of her “helpfulness.” Her 1 wing focuses on reform and ensuring everyone adheres to the “appropriate” behaviors, as well as sometimes makes her a little rigid in terms of discipline, but she also cares about doing the right thing for the good of the group, and being in charge.