Anne immediately singles out Matthew as a “kindred spirit,” and it’s true – before they have reached Green Gables, the two have established a silent bond of mutual understanding and affection. He is an extremely personal man, not inclined to share his feelings easily, although he confesses more than once to Marilla his strong personal feelings about Anne (“She might need us,” “We should care more that she saw things she ought not to know about, then what she said”). In his boyhood, Matthew left a button on a girl’s desk… a silent admission of his friendship and respect. He “did not make a fuss of presenting it to her,” but it expressed his heart. He shows his feelings for Anne, with the first present she ever received: a dress. His feelings can sometimes be so internal, they forget to consider others’ feelings (his attempt to commit suicide, and his absorption in his own feelings, in season three, when Anne goes off to Queens, being oblivious to how she is responding to his abrupt rejection). His decisions are logical, but driven through his feelings, and he does not often stop to consult Marilla when he takes action. Matthew pawns his watch for funds. He takes out a loan. He invests in seed for the planting. He offers to help Gilbert with his farm, should he need it. He says that for practical reasons, Jerry can now stay at the farm (moving into inferior Te tactics, and being all business, when hurt about Anne leaving). His dry, pragmatic approach to life contrasts strongly with Anne’s creative Ne-idealism. Matthew sees the world as it is, without any delusions. He works hard and enjoys what he does; he can be impulsive. Once Anne vanishes onto the train, he does whatever necessary to get her back – he rides off into the dusk, hitches a ride into Charlottetown, pawns his watch for ferry fair, and tracks her down in a train station depot. Matthew is quick to act; once he learns of his major financial losses, he immediately gets a loan from a bank, then spends the money at once. His insights into Anne, and his ability to peer past perception into the heart of what her problems are, or the truth of the situation is, provide many of the more profound conversations and moments in the series. Matthew cares less what she says, than what it says about what Anne has been through. He guides Marilla into similar thinking. He thinks more into the future than his sister, in preparing for the harvest and recovering from his losses. Matthew immediately realizes Anne needs them, as much or more than they need her.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Matthew pretty much merges to go along, maintains a sense of inner peace and an even keel, doesn’t like to cause conflict, but also shows occasional flashes of strong opinions on what’s right and wrong. He serves without complaint, and finds ways to give to Anne, both to show his love and because he feels parental toward her. Matthew tends to merge with the attitudes and agendas of the stronger people in his life – namely, Marilla. He wants to preserve his relationships above all. It takes a great deal for him to assert himself, and it seems to tire him — he quickly slips back into conformity (such as when the school refuses to allow them to take a child away). Matthew prefers pleasant ways whenever possible, but his 1 wing has a strong sense of duty, obligation, and honor.