Gilbert patiently and lovingly nurses his father during his illness, and finds it hard to understand his “wandering spirit.” Even when he went off on a brief adventure to see the world, Gilbert still returns to Avonlea where he finds a sense of comfort in the familiar. He realizes he can make a career out of what he has known, by becoming a medical doctor, but feels frustrated at the habitual inability country doctors face to actually “cure” people – instead, often they just have to watch them die. He has seen it so many times, he almost loses hope, until he realizes he can expand his thinking outward into different cultural areas of medicine—that the natives have things to teach him (willow bark for pain) and that a few medical schools are into experimental medicine. Warm, approachable, and likable, Gilbert has many friends at school. He is honest and forthcoming with his feelings, and often discusses them with his friend Bash. He excitedly welcomes Anne the first time they meet, then is baffled by her refusal to talk to him. Gilbert ultimately wants to devote his life to caring for others in medicinal ways, and feels relieved to be around like-minded folks who are tolerant, inclusive, and forward-thinking. He rubs up against Anne’s Fi, when he fails to understand her sharing a story about her own loss is an effort to reassure him that she understands how he feels. Instead, he misinterprets it through Fe as “making this all about you.” Gilbert is a good student, who wants to problem-solve and not just allow modern methods to “stop” him from finding cures and alternative ways to heal people. His Ti doesn’t like the sound of “there’s nothing we can do.” He directs his Ne toward imagining different futures for himself, and is indecisive when it comes to making a “final” decision (like all ISJs, Gilbert prefers to be able to change his mind later, and not lock himself into anything long-term).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Gilbert is far more tolerant and accepting than most of the people in Avonlea. He literally thinks about no social boundaries at all, welcoming people of different races into his home and giving them equal rights treatment (partnership with Bash at the farm), showing the 9’s tendency for total acceptance of others. He hates conflict, and often sneaks around the back of the house to escape being seen whenever Bash and his mother are having an argument. Gilbert seems unruffled by most things, and is genuinely giving to others without wanting anything in return. His 1 wing can be critical of others and their inappropriate behavior. He tells off Anne for being selfish. He is gentle and accommodating, but also doesn’t like to make mistakes.