Don can make any situation work to his advantage, such as when he took up smuggling rare whiskey aboard the Resolute. When caught by the Robinsons, he promptly turned the situation around and figured out how to endear himself to them. He’s observant of the physical situations he finds himself in, such as when he reminds them that the ship they are draining fuel from is perched on the edge of a cliff, and as the fuel shifts the weight, it’s likely to plunge over it. Don takes a lot of risks, but somehow manages always to come out unscathed. He gets in and out of trouble, with very little concern for his safety, since he assumes he’ll figure out how to survive along the way. He shows little long-term thinking or planning, though on occasion he has a certain “feeling” about someone that pans out (sometimes, too late – he is taken in by “Dr. Smith” and doesn’t distrust her until she betrays him). He’s practical and realistic about the odds of their survival, and what they need to do to make it out alive. Don points out the rational facts of their situation but finds work-around’s and ways to survive. He finds it easy to hack in and “talk” to computer systems, even though he can’t figure out how to get around his own ankle monitor. He progressively cares how other people perceive him and tries to with them over with flattery and excuses. Don argues with Judy about his “morals” or lack thereof, taking it personally when she insinuates he’s nothing but a smuggler, and going out of his way to try and make her change her mind. Don is easily persuaded to save “hopeless” cases – he risks his life to carry an injured, unconscious woman out of danger.

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

No matter what the crisis, Don has a joke about it. He is witty, fun-loving, and full of excuses as to why he can’t be held responsible for his behavior (the hallmarks of a mid-level 7). He loves to have a good time and will do anything he can think of to keep from being bored on the job. He lived the life of a “free man,” smuggling, dating, and cut and running whenever things got tough. He assumes he can talk his way out of a bad situation and sometimes succeeds. His 8 wing fears no one. He often stands up for himself and asserts himself. Don shows very little fear, either of unforeseen circumstances or other people.