Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

June is a mastermind of “immediate payoffs” driven by her opportunism and intuitive sense of what is going on. The instant she meets Will and sees his connection to the Robot, she sees the Robot’s abstract potential and how it could benefit her. She senses the connection they have, and how it could shift to her — and she is highly intuitive in sensing the connections between other people and how to push their buttons. She attempts to throw others off her trail through verbal manipulations. She gives Will doubts about the Robot, prompts a woman “on the edge” of a mental breakdown to act on her instincts (by psychologically manipulating her and then refusing to bring her out of that distressed mental state), and then finds and repairs the Robot after it’s leapt of the cliff. June is sometimes unrealistic in her expectations (she assumes Maureen can somehow fix the Robot’s crashed spaceship). Faced with high impact, sensory environments, June falls back on talking people into things, hacking into systems, or relying on the Robot to protect her. She almost unfailingly relies on other people when it comes to picking up sensory skills (she pretends to work, and talks, instead of figuring out to repair the spaceship when the Robinsons ask for her help). Whatever situation has the best potential, June takes it. She likes quick payoffs. She is smart and cunning in her own way, figuring out how to use people to her advantage wherever she meets them… but mostly, she relies on her tert-Fe. Clumsily, June plays the Robinson family off each other. She pretends to be an earnest, sincere, good-hearted person and convinces most of them to buy it. She will attack their feelings and exploit their weaknesses. She intentionally riles people up, then benefits off their distrust, fighting, and silent treatment. But… she does not comfort or console people genuinely well. Penny is capable of guilt-tripping her into “doing the right thing” once in awhile, and ultimately she does gain some ethics along the way, going so far as to volunteer for a mission almost certain to end in her death, to save her family.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

On earth, June was highly irresponsible – a party girl who lived high and did not want to pay for it when the bill collectors turned up. She left her mother to fix her messes, pay for her yachts, and restore her credit. In space, June is still entirely self-serving – she showcases the worst of an unhealthy 7’s tendencies: total refusal to take personal responsibility for the messes she causes by being erratic, untrustworthy, unreliable, and exploitive of other people (she has an argument for everything, and will twist it all around to blame others for her problems). But we also see a lot of her 6 wing, in how terrified she is all the time of discovery, of being disliked, of being distrusted, and being “found out.” She goes to great lengths to run away from all her problems (her 7 influence) but wants protection the rest of the time (her 6). She thinks she has found it, at first in the Robot and then in endearing herself to the Robinsons.