John is a highly opportunistic and risk-taking man, who has faith that others can adapt as quickly to his environment as he can. He volunteers their son Will for a dangerous mission in the ice when he knows it’s about to freeze, then goes off with Will to find mercury to mount a rescue operation for Judy when the ice catches her. John later drives the land rover into a terrible winter storm to mount a rescue operation, after seeing a flare go off. Elsewhere, he crawls into flooded ships, he punches people in the face to gain access to the engine room, he mounts a mutiny, and he somehow manages always to get himself, his wife, and his kids out of trouble through pure adaptation (“the zone is quarantined, kids, so you’ll have to find your way around the bulkheads; try going up a floor”). John objectively assesses objects, people, and the robot, and trusts his gut instincts – he senses when something is a little “off” and shows a tendency to think ahead in semi-negative ways (if we share this knowledge, it may cause a panic; what happens if the robot turns bad again?). He views the world as a system he can rig to get ahead, problem-solve, and which sets his expectations. He tends to tackle problems head-on with logical precision and detachment – sometimes to such an extent, his wife objects (his reasoning is solid – “I can only rescue one kid at a time”), but he has confidence in his own ability to get things done and tends to act, rather than assert his views. He always makes the rational choice even if it’s not emotional (telling his daughter that he is bleeding out and what to do when he’s gone; but she appeals to his Fe by telling him how much they all need him, and what will happen to all of them if he dies, and makes him stay awake long enough to “fight”). His low emotional awareness shows in his struggle to articulate and share his feelings, to bond with his children in meaningful ways, and his tendency of avoiding emotional conversations and confrontations. He becomes choked up, rather than highly emotional. His failing marriage is a result of his “avoidance” of emotional intimacy in favor of constant motion.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Unlike his nervous son, John fears nothing. He’s aggressive, protective over his family – and was never there for them before they left earth, since he was forever pursuing something more exciting and better. He does not like to be controlled, so he asserts himself aggressively when faced with bad situations. John has total self-reliance and finds it hard to tolerate his children being afraid. His 7 wing makes him adventurous and opportunistic, and he focuses mainly on ensuring he has all he needs to remain alive, secure, and well provided for, both for himself and his family. He can be analytical, detached, and emotionally distant under stress (shifting into 5).