Judy has a strong sense of personal right and wrong. The first time she meets Don and finds out he is helping them for profit, she accuses him of being a bad guy and shames him for his actions. But when he’s about to fall off a cliff, Judy refuses to let him die and almost gets killed herself by refusing to disconnect the jumper cable. After an oil tanker turns over on someone, she insists they lift it up so she can pull him out and give him medical attention, even after they tell her doing so will lose the precious oil and likely condemn them all to death on the planet. Though the rest of the family is eager to embrace her dad’s return, Judy is the holdout. She’s mad about him abandoning them, neglecting them, and spending years “at war,” but she refuses to flat out talk about it. Judy keeps these feelings inside her, waging her own personal silent war, until the two bond over their shared perils and adventures. She only opens up to him emotionally when she thinks he is about to die, and even then talks about his impact on her siblings more than herself. Judy never makes emotionless decisions — she regards that as callous and insensitive. She acts on what she feels. Much like her stepdad, Judy is an opportunist who knows her body and trusts it in the most extreme circumstances. She is a risk-taker, from the very first episode when she dives into a freezing pond to fetch a battery out of the sunken ship and decides to take the “long way” around because the hatch won’t open (“I can make it!”) to the episode in which she leaves the path to save her dad and must outrun carnivorous dinosaurs. Judy leaps from rock to rock, taking risks that pay off, and making it to his side in time to save his life. She’ll leap at the chance to go down onto the planets and do actual work in the field. She ran track at home. She innovates whenever she needs to perform surgery in the field. Judy does not put much thought into the long term, beyond her desire to become a doctor. She shows occasional insights.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Judy judges things according to whether they are right and wrong, and does not back down from these assertions. Don accuses her of being a “goody two shoes” because of it. She is strict with herself and maintains a fitness regime that never wavers, even in space. She talks about her sense of “duty in service,” and doesn’t like it when Penny breaks the rules or protocols when raising the ship. “Mom told me to take it easy on the engines!” she says with disapproval. She can be reactive and aggressive under stress, challenging authority and stepping up to the plate because of the moral rightness of her opinions. Her 2 wing is strong. She chose her profession because it enables her to help people; she is the first person to step up and do things for others – choosing to dive down to the ship so her brother doesn’t have to do, spending time trying to save someone trapped under a flipped-over tanker, etc. She is intense and focused, fiery and confrontational, often calling John on his crap and refusing to allow him to get away with “bullying” Will.