Maureen sees herself as responsible for all the members of her family and thus, does not think of her own career as separate from them. She refuses to leave earth without all of them present, since she sees them as “the Robinson family” – an entity, a dynamic, a people-group. She is warm, and generous emotionally, able to resolve conflict between her children and guide them to more self-trust. She harbors deep-seated resentment toward her husband for choosing his career above his family and volunteering for more missions overseas, rather than returning to their life in America. It takes him a long time to gain her trust once more. Maureen finds it hard to trust anyone else with her children. She has a competent use of Ti, in that she believes you can solve any problem if you think about it long enough, but sometimes struggles under pressure to come up with an immediate fix – although she always pulls through. She is not objective about her family members or her emotions toward them, either, showing an inferior Ti’s tendency to rely on instinct and emotional objectivity in terms of behavior (John did what fathers ought not to do, and abandoned them, therefore she feels justified in wanting full custody of the kids). She focuses on the big picture behind everything, from Will’s clinging to the Robot being his source of security in space to the unraveling of the planet’s ecosystem indicating the shortness of its lifespan (thus ending theirs also). Maureen is an astrophysicist who can instinctively comprehend complex systems and use them to do what she needs them to. She has unfailing faith in her children and works to encourage them to become “more.” Maureen is best when thinking in abstract terms, but also has decent Se – she is willing to engage with her environment, she can learn through hands-on tackling of alien planets, and she takes many risks that she feels certain will pay off. She changes her plans at the last minute when necessary. She also pays a stranger to get Will into the space program, never thinking about how it could backfire. Her recklessness sometimes places her family in danger.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Maureen is a hardworking and highly successful career woman, who also makes time for her kids and sees herself as their primary guardian and caregiver. She manages to maintain her cool and keep distant from her personal reactions in crisis situations, which enables her to work with June after she is kidnapped, while looking for a means of escape. She is constantly working on a project, repairing the ship, or motivating her kids to be similarly busy and industrious. Maureen thinks there is a solution to every problem and is not afraid to cut corners to achieve it, such as when she gets her son’s status changed so that he can accompany them into space via illegal methods. (The end result means more to her than the means.) She has a strong 2 wing, which sees itself as the caregiver to her children, can be fiercely protective over them, and is open and generous in how she tries to save everyone in the colony, sometimes at her own personal expense.