Sir George is a born opportunist who quickly reacts to perceived threats inside and outside the settlement. When others suspect him of underhanded dealings having to do with the tobacco trade, Sir George falsifies evidence that the Spanish are about to attack the settlement. He brings in slaves to work the fields and quickly sizes up their potential. He leverages Jocelyn’s widowhood to suss out the Catholic spy and get his hands on her income, household, and other assets. When she promises to help him find out the truth, and proves him with an invaluable source of futuristic planning, he restores her authority and property to her. But he is much more of an instant reactor than a long-term planner. Jocelyn’s ability to see into the future and construct ways to profit there surprise and delight him, so he often relies on her. His Ni is quick to recognize his wife’s deceit, though he uses physical dominance to keep her in line far more than cunning. Many of his decisions are rational and objective, but immoral. It’s rational to exploit slavery for profit. It’s rational to force Jocelyn to adhere to public and social expectations of marriage. It’s rational to fabricate external threats to cast suspicion off his own misdeeds, and to make compromises with his enemies in order to later work against them. Sir George is quite adept at knowing which battles to choose, but his Fe is woefully inadequate. He uses it to bully and persuade others into doing what he wants. He guilt trips them, threatens them in subtle but intense ways, and fiercely expresses his displeasure with anyone who defies his authority. He often uses manipulative tactics directly related to his pleasure or displeasure (“I know you will do this to please me… I do so want us to all work together for the greater good”). He uses poor Fe reasoning to excuse his behaviors, stating that everyone has their place and must stay in it, that slavery is normal, etc.

Enneagram: 8w9 so/sp

Sir George arrives intent on bending Jamestown to suit himself, and he takes a hard hand with those beneath his authority. He has the 8 capability to sense when to take control and when to yield for the greater benefit, but is also argumentative, forceful, and domineering. He is deeply unhealthy in how he abuses other people and refuses to let them buck his authority. He punishes disobedience harshly (branding escaped slaves, having people whipped, or nailing their ears to posts) and does not know how to be tender with his wife, resulting in her coming to hate him. He uses his 9 wing to appeal to others, to numb himself to unpleasant things, and to seek harmony with others. Under stress, he becomes suspicious and distrustful, pulling away from those he “loves” and seeking to do things on his own (disintegration into 5).