Temperance specializes in people, and in seeing them work together as a group; she encourages Alice toward group participation in naming her child James after their king (“Think how wonderful it would be, for the king to know our community’s first child is named after him!”). She cautions Jocelyn against allowing others to taint her reputation as a widow, and encourages her to marry again soon, to prevent any moral upheaval in the community. A far more moral and considerate woman than her husband, Temperance objects to his cruel treatment of his slaves but also is so scared of him, she compromises these beliefs in submitting to his authority. When she further compromises herself, in an attempt at self-protection, she thanks someone for reminding her of her faith. She suffers from her struggle to step away from her belief that others have particular status, and to reconcile it with her humanitarian beliefs. She is sensible and practical, but also has an acute awareness of her husband’s small physical tells – she knows whenever he is being deceitful because of how his expressions shift, and tells him as much. Temperance believes strongly in the values she was raised upon, and urges others to adhere to what has traditionally worked in the past – she understands that how the settlement works is that people marry, produce children, and create stability for the future. Temperance pushes others to do just that. Though a woman of strong beliefs and faith, she opens herself up to other possibilities. Temperance also has a keen sense of what motivates people, and is able to tell when they are not being entirely truthful with her (her Ne at work). Temperance can be rather blunt at times, in her attempts to ensure others are staying “in line” with what is “appropriate” or “desired” by the community. She shows very little interest in analyzing her own choices, or those made by other people, beyond what is necessary, which is in line with her inferior Ti.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Temperance holds onto her faith as a shield against the unknown. She does not trust others who believe differently from her, seeing them as a threat, and spends a great deal of her time and energy encouraging others to behave themselves, so as to avoid punishment or humiliation at the hands of her manipulative, sociopathic husband. Temperance is visibly fearful about the unknown and extremely cautious – she does not like to make decisions without some awareness of the consequences. She often counsels her husband to be careful in his decisions. She finds ways to protect herself and others, even if it involves lying to her husband. Her 5 wing is self-reliant and self-trusting. Temperance takes matters into her own hands, when driving her husband out of his wits. She tries to get by on less than they need and is prudent in her behavior.