Alice is good at establishing warm emotional connections to other people; she is also skilled at sensing and reading their feelings, and helping them open up about them if need be. She confides what happened to her almost immediately, in search of external support (and someone to ensure she need not marry her rapist). Alice is good at rallying people behind a cause, if need be. She relies mostly on relationships and her ability to articulate her feelings and ideas to navigate the world; but does put some effort into analyzing what is the best solution to her problems, even if she does not always analyze other people’s motives (or her own). She is the “voice of reason” to Verity’s flippant behaviors, because she knows how the real world works; she does not mind hard labor, picking insects off plants, or tending a farm. Alice trusts her own experiences, and struggles to overcome traumatic flashbacks when her rapist comes back to the village; she bases her entire perspective on him from their encounter, and struggles to understand how her husband can have a different (equally subjective) view of him. She has a fairly good ability to read people, and senses when her friends are up to something; she accurately figures out who is against them in town, and accuses the man responsible of harming their cow; but she does not always trust her first instincts, and they are sometimes off (the blacksmith is offended that she reads him so wrong, and she fails to realize right off how he feels about her; she also guesses wrongly who stole her child and for what reasons). When a ghost comes to Jamestown to terrorize its inhabitants, Alice recalls how she dealt with a spirit in England. She uses that knowledge as a basis of how to defeat this one.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Fiercely opinionated and proactive, Alice does not shy away from stating her true feelings or leading with her heart. She is far more inclined to help others than most of her friends, spending time with the slaves, promoting their welfare and equal treatment, and offering advice and assistance to whomever needs it, whether or not she likes them that much. Alice can become aggressive and combative under stress, reacting like an 8 in her desire to stand her ground and protect those she cares about. Her 1 wing has fierce opinions about doing the right thing and being seen as above reproach. She often conflicts with her husband about his actions (she sees him as taking credit for something he did not do, by pretending he “captured Maria,” as a falsehood and beneath him).