Whatever Mercy is feeling at the moment comes right out of her mouth! If she is scared, she says as much. If she wants to kiss out in the woods, she says that too. She often thinks aloud and muses on things. Mercy is one of the kindest girls in the settlement. She becomes openly distressed at cruelty or mistreatment. When a local, brutal overseer falls blind after an eclipse, she leads him back to town and tenderly feeds and cares for him in his recovery. She frets about Jocelyn’s reputation, and tries to adhere to the values she believes in as set by her faith, but can also be swayed into other actions by the advice of Verity to seize the moment and “help a man along toward marriage.” If she is angry at God, she yells at him and throws rocks at the sky; and then she apologizes and prays for forgiveness. Mercy doesn’t much think about the true meaning of things, though she sometimes is full of questions. She focuses on the here and now and on what is most familiar to her. Mercy lives her life in a sensible way, attending to the everyday needs of her mistress. She does not often deviate from this routine, and has small dreams of marriage and children. Her personal interactions with people cause her to like or dislike them. She often recalls things she knows about or that are from her past. Her Ne is under-developed in that she does not often leap to the right conclusion; she innocently has no real awareness of Jocelyn’s sexual conquests and behaviors, although she does provide keen insights from time to time. She’s prone to believing in ghosts, spirits, and other unseen “powers.”

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Out of all the settlers, Mercy seems the most apprehensive about the potential pitfalls of living in Jamestown. She frets about the Indians. She frets about her mistress’ reputation. She frets about them finding a rosary in her master’s things. Mercy is fearful of ghosts and quick to back away from conflict. She is kind without seeking reward, gentle, soft spoken, and even funny on occasion. Mercy shrinks whenever anyone yells at her, and tries to make amends. Her 7 wing is openly eager to have fun and avoid unpleasant emotions. She has a whimsical side that enjoys outlandish ideas. She can also be overly reliant on other people for her own protection and easily swayed by their opinions.