Jocelyn instinctively knows how to appeal to different people (using disdain and sexual tension with the local blacksmith, tenderness and needing care with the doctor, and her own usefulness with the governor) and employs those tactics skillfully. She adheres to what society expects of her (a high station) and balks against it, insisting that she will be her own person, make her own choices, and avoid a second marriage. She does not often share her true feelings, but sweet talks everyone around her to get what she wants. She tries to establish herself (and her husband) as people of influence in the town, and is prone to emotional overreactions and outbursts. Her tendency to interfere in everyone’s business sometimes gets her into trouble. She does not analyze her motives, decisions, or ideas, which leaves her vulnerable to outside attacks. Jocelyn is foolish in her dismissive, insincere treatment of the governor’s wife, because she fails to see the logic in befriending a popular woman of tremendous local influence. She is not in Jamestown two days before she starts shifting her future husband toward a more promising and politically advantageous career. Jocelyn is swift to see futuristic potential and to act on it; she quickly discerns who is and is not a threat, and tries to shift them away from her vision toward the future. Her motives are not fully defined, other than the pursuit of “power” and “influence” for its own sake. Jocelyn often talks in highly abstract language, about what she wants, how she will not be tamed, and what she intends for her future. She impresses the governor with her specific forward-thinking (if he presents the local Indian tribe with an expensive gift, he can then call upon favors later, or benefit from allowing them to run up a large debt to the settlement, which they then must pay in taxes). Her Se is highly active. Jocelyn leaps on opportunities as they present themselves; she is sexually adventurous and willing to take risks with her reputation, for her own gratification. She sometimes leaps quickly on opportunities without understanding their full nature or potential; she almost gets her husband killed when she urges him to become involved in local “Indian negotiations.”

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Appearances are everything to Jocelyn. She won’t consider being with anyone, in public, beneath her station. She coolly and competently handles other people and intense situations, never losing her cool in public or allowing them to shame her with their accusations. Somehow, Jocelyn always comes out a victor, both literally and in her own mind. She is highly ambitious and power-seeking. But she suffers the 3ish affliction of being detached from her own emotions. She refuses to admit she is in love with a man of lesser station, seeing that as “weakness,” and only faces that part of herself when one of them almost loses their life. She can be disdainful of others, and false in how she interacts with them. Her 2 wing is seductive and manipulative, but earns power through “serving” the governor and appealing to his greed.