Verity lives and acts in the moment; she lived a high risk life as a thief before she came to Jamestown and still isn’t above slipping something into her pocket now and again; she’s never caught, but also not thinking about potential repercussions (poor Ni). She is physical, opportunistic, and ready to engage the environment. She doesn’t hesitate to throw herself in harm’s way if necessary. Alice has to go after her and bring her back to the town after she embarks alone (after stealing her husband’s trousers, no less!). She has a dynamic, engaged personality that she uses in the tavern to flirt and strum up business. As the show goes on, Verity becomes more aware of the consequences of her actions. But initially, her Ni was poor. Her thieving led her to Jamestown. It could get her hanged. She does not spend much time thinking about her future, although she does have hunches about people (her likes / dislikes) that sometimes play out as she feared. She sees the best in certain individuals and tries to push them toward a greater sense of themselves. She doesn’t say much about how disappointed she is in her husband (just the facts); but she frequently acts on her emotions. She’s personally offended when someone blames her for a death that was not her fault; she urges her husband to take personal responsibility for his actions, even if they were a mistake. Verity has a strong will, and often exerts it through action. She tricks her husband into going sober on a bet. She tries to turn the tavern into a thriving business. She threatens to maim someone who abuses her friend. Her tongue has a tart edge and she’s not afraid to use it. Verity can be talked into “common sense,” or practical solutions that don’t exactly please her but that make rational sense (such as her marriage, which she commits to merely to remain safe in Jamestown).

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

The last thing Verity wants is to face her unpleasant past, think too much about her disappointments in the future, or deal with hard things. She has a wicked sense of humor and is a classic escape artist, always finding something to laugh about or distract herself with, when life does not go her way. She is an adventurous, fun-loving pleasure seeker with a swath of poor choices behind her. But she’s also a head type, who thinks things through before seriously committing to them. She chides her husband for spending all her savings to buy into a swindling scheme, but then wants to use the abandoned trunk to provide for them and also allow her to have beautiful things in her life. Her 8 wing is fiercely combative and opinionated. She tells people off, belittles her husband (sometimes in jest, sometimes seriously) in public, and even takes the chance to pee on someone she hates, when he’s passed out drunk (then leverages his urine-soaked state to her advantage).