Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Feeling (Fi) / Extroverted Thinking (Te)

Georgiana has a fierce need to be true to herself, sometimes in spite of the social expectations around her, such as when she paints nude bathers at the seaside in front of the local minister, because “the sea was boring.” Confronted by Lady Denham’s obvious rudeness at the dinner party, Georgiana responds in kind, by mocking her by putting on a thick Jamaican accent and asserting the fact that pineapples do not grow in her home country. She thrives when allowed to be around the people she actually likes, and indulge in the conversations she wants most to have. Due to her general unhappiness at being prevented from marrying the man she prefers, Georgiana often reverts to inferior Te bluntness – accusing Sidney of having no feelings and/or of being a racist against the man she loves, blaming him for “imprisoning” her, and telling someone who is simply trying to be friendly that he needn’t hang around her anymore, she can “look after myself.” (But when he says it isn’t charity, he just enjoys her, she warms up to him.)

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Since she judges things so much based on her own interpretation of them (such as Sidney’s reasons for refusing her desired lover’s marriage proposal), Georgiana does not much look beneath the surface of those perceptions. She takes them as facts and acts on them – taking a chance to sneak away from her companions to spend time on the beach with Charlotte, going on picnics alone, boating in the lake, taking the chance to sneak away and meet her lover, even planning to meet him in secret. She tends to reach very firm conclusions and perceptions about people (lower Ni), sometimes that aren’t wholly accurate (she thinks Sidney is “playing” with Charlotte, based on her own dislike of him).

Enneagram: 4w3 sexual

Georgiana is unable to pretend any emotion she does not feel, and cannot adapt her attitude to the world around her. She focuses on the things she cannot have (the man she loves) and allows that to sometimes overshadow her happiness at being in Sanditon and having a lovely time at the ball. She strives for authenticity and does not care for falseness and pretense, which is why she objects to Lady Denham’s attempts to use her to show off to her wealthy friends. Her 3 wing is dramatic, extroverted, and somewhat enjoys being the (positive) center of attention. Being a 4, she is authentic in her feelings and often willing to stand up for herself, and for Charlotte, when she feels either of them have been wronged.