Charlotte’s focus is almost entirely on the people around her, from her determination to assist Tom Parker in bringing guests to Sanditon and her need to apologize for any offense she caused by asserting her true feelings in front of his patroness, to her involvement in Georgiana’s love life. Her swift tendency to form “strong opinions” upon very short acquaintance offends Sidney Parker, when she is too forthcoming on the absurdities of his siblings (one rockets between over-exuberance and total lethargy, and the other is an unabashed social climber). She expresses her views freely, but is also offended to be thought ill of, and is open to changing her entire position when given new evidence. Her tendency to pre-judge based on limited information often makes her form the wrong beliefs about someone, such as when Miss Lamb tells her Sidney made his fortune off slavery. Charlotte focuses around and accuses him of that, then feels repentant to learn his true feelings about it; she is also chastened to discover his objection to Georgiana’s suitor is not because of the color of his skin, but his wariness toward having her fortune stolen. Charlotte’s inferior Ti rarely re-thinks her own assertions until they are proven right; she merely assumes that if it seems logical, it must therefore be so, though she is not daunted by problems and believes all have a possible positive outcome. She collects details about people everywhere she goes, that she allows to form a larger impression of them. Sometimes, in the process, Charlotte shows a bias favored by the emotions of the people she likes the most influencing their views and hers in turn (Fe). She bases a lot of her feelings toward Sidney in her own subjective experiences with him, which are mostly negative. He is repeatedly rude to and dismissive of her feelings, and it is not until she sees him make an active change, and he admits to some of his softer feelings, that her opinion of him becomes more favorable. She shows her lower Ne early on, when she says it is sometimes fun, or a game for her, to form “impressions of people” and eagerly invites him to participate. His own rigid, Ni-based criticism of her own sensory impressions strikes her as harsh and cruel. But her Ne enables her to change her mind, when she has a better understanding of him and his position. Charlotte starts believing in his true feelings, although she also feels somewhat daunted at the prospect of climbing above her station through a romance (assuming he will favor an earlier flame to their own more recent attachment). She can be very naïve in circumstances in which she has no experience.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Charlotte is warm, receptive, and concerned with how others respond to her. She is quick to dismiss her own feelings in favor of others’ needs and to interfere wherever she seeks to make amends. Her meddling with Georgiana in an attempt to “help” her remain in contact with the man she loves leads to Georgiana’s abduction and almost her forced marriage. Charlotte, determined to right her wrong, sets off for London unaccompanied in the hopes of finding her again. Easily emotional, but also willing to tell off Sidney for his rudeness, Charlotte dips into her 1 wing when she disapproves of his rude behavior in public, when she harshly judges what she sees as his racist, unfair treatment of Miss Lamb and her would-be-lover. She also strives to correct her own wrongs and feels tremendous guilt and shame whenever she makes a misjudgment.