Francis lives in the moment, basing his decisions off opportunism. He is eager to leap on new inventions, potential for profit, and partake of social pleasures. Francis loves to be the center of attention in a group, in the middle of the action, even to physically engage in the mines. He can be short-sighted at times, such as when he betrays Ross to George. When unhappy, Francis indulges his sensory needs overmuch, such as drinking and spending time with prostitutes. His tendency to spend money at will leaves his family in financial straits. He admits that he can be short-sighted and reactive, but desperately wants to be part of something larger and more important than himself. Francis doesn’t think about the future overmuch, except under stress, when he frets and waits for the worst to happen (inferior Ni). He is a creative thinker, more oriented toward potentials than profits, but also eager to make a buck. He can be sharp and critical at times, but isn’t afraid to flout society and go his own way in life. Francis does what he believes is the logical thing, in most circumstances, but it often benefits him only in the immediate present. Francis’ understanding of how people work helps him relate to or encourage them. His wife’s disinterest in him, and favoritism for Ross, bothers him. Francis becomes testy, irritable, and moody whenever he is unhappy, lashing out at people or saying things to hurt them. His dealings with George are intended to hurt Ross in more ways than one. His wife’s rejection pains him, but her encouragement (or that of anyone) lifts him off. Francis is very good at expressing his feelings. He is warm, charismatic, and likable. He knows just what to say to Demzelda to make her feel better, and encourages her by telling her that she has made a home among them, and is as much part of the family as someone who was born into it.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Francis feels inferior next to Ross, but does not want to cope with his feelings of rejection and worthlessness, so he distracts himself with short term distractions and pleasures. He seeks variety, stimulation, and escape, forever running away from the hurts he faces at home. Francis has a more tender heart than he lets on, but does not want to admit it. His 6 ties him to his family, wanting their support and acknowledgment and actively working to get them to appreciate and love him. As a social subtype, he wants to be seen as worthwhile in the eyes of the community and to do good, not to be seen as purely selfish or self-indulgent. He can become harsh with himself and critical under stress (moving into 1).