Verity has a strong sense of how the world works, and even though she does not always like how society “dictates” behavior, she is careful to work inside of it. Her strong sense of family mythology overrules her personal desires on a frequent basis, making her turn away from what she wants (marriage with an “undesirable” man) in favor of not going against family tradition. She is cautious about embracing the unknown and watches others to learn from their behavior. She constantly defers away from her own desires, to accommodate others; when forced to choose between her lover and disappointing her family, Verity chooses her brother in spite of his treatment of her. She is very socially conscious and uneasy when behavior shifts into antagonistic or unpleasant behavior. Verity helps her new cousin shift into her social role, and teaches her everything she needs to know, in order to “fit in” with the upper class. Though ultimately she follows her heart into marriage, is not without the support and encouragement of her friends. Her ability to rationalize things out and explain them logically means that Verity does not allow her feelings to dictate her actions; she can argue away her own feelings and easily understand others’ points of view. Verity is uneasy about passing judgment too easily, because she can figure out logical suppositions to explain behavior. She always has well-reasoned arguments, but does not volunteer them until asked. Fear of the unknown holds her back at first, because in seeing an older sea captain responsible for the accidental death of his wife, Verity neither knows how society will react to their marriage nor the depths of her own feelings. She is uncomfortable adjusting to massive change, but her excitement about fulfilling a natural social role (being married, having children) gives her the courage to leap into the unknown.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Verity is quiet, passive, and fearful that disobedience might mean losing her family’s love, respect, and trust. She hates conflict and does all she can to avoid it. She responds to others with sincere sweetness and calm, and does not like making decisions which cause her anxiety. She feels a strong pull from 1 to do right and be dutiful to her family, but also to become a better person and offer others second chances, since she can see their potential. Verity becomes more anxious and reactive when she falls into 6 – questioning herself and others, and fretful over making decisions that might sever her from her family. She’s non-assertive and compliant, but also eager to form a bond with a special person.