Elizabeth has a highly subjective view of reality, and struggles to adapt when circumstances threaten that worldview; she prefers to go back to what she trusts (her own perceptions of Ross and their relationship) than to branch out into new territories with confidence. She is aware of how the world works, and how one lives in it, through interaction with social classes, and making decisions based on achievable ends. This often manifests in her going back to Ross, time and again, for help, because he always comes through for her; she comes to expect it, based on their long-standing relationship. She tends to believe things she sees before her, more than search for underlining motives or other possibilities, but is open enough to new ideas to consider remarriage. Elizabeth doesn’t guess that Ross is the one who bought back her husband’s shares, in order to alleviate her poverty. She is willing to put aside her personal feelings to do what she must, to protect their bottom line; she marries Francis because it is financially expedient and expected; she considers marrying George, to give her son a vast inheritance and chance at a better future, because such a match will resolve her current financial state, regardless of her feelings. She endures her relatives’ disparaging comments without being offended, and often strives to find practical solutions. Elizabeth can be somewhat unfeeling at times, and blunt in her statements; but she also knows that, to get along in society, one must be discreet. Elizabeth tends to be preoccupied with her feelings, whenever they do arise; she cannot express them in words, and never opens up about them to others. She cares deeply about a few select people, enough to put her own happiness aside to support and protect them, but can also be oblivious to how her continued friendship with Ross impacts his wife on an emotional level.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Elizabeth is ambitious and competitive, just like her husband George. She thinks about the best way to present themselves in society and sometimes adapts to it to make an impression. She chooses, at times, to make decisions that reflect well on herself rather than to admit the truth about her feelings for Ross. In an attempt to make her husband love her again, she tries to have his child and induce labor early to gain his sympathy. Elizabeth seems somewhat cut off from her emotions, and dismissive of them, at times shocking her aunt with her tendency to move on quickly from setbacks. Her 2 wing is somewhat more demure and detached from its emotional needs than her husband’s 4 wing, which is more melodramatic.