Functional Order: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

George has a specific, clearly visualized plan for his future that he pursues with dogged determination. He wants a powerful position and for others to stand in awe of him, but is not good at adapting whenever problems fall into his path, due to the focused nature of his thoughts. He becomes very upset when Ross’ behavior intrudes on his intentions, but is able to shift perspectives just enough to include the new information in his desired outcome. George often rebukes his attorney for thinking too much in the present; he is content to wait for his evil schemes to come about in the fullness of time. Once his wife dies, George is unable to shift his idea of his future life to include anyone else. He is aware of his wife’s lingering affection for Ross and correct in his assumption that the child is not his. He makes a halfhearted attempt at a new marital alliance, then decides there will never be another. His inferior Se shows in his sensory pleasures and fussiness. He wants “the best” life has to offer; the most expensive food, clothing and houses, and even his wife needs to be exquisite, the bell of London society. George takes up fencing for fun and his own protection; he becomes increasingly paranoid that Ross, known for his violent, aggressive outbursts, may do him some physical harm – and he will be unprepared for it. He is sometimes impulsive and opportunistic. Though George pretends to be quite rational, actually all of his decisions are motivated out of his deep resentment toward Ross, his jealousy because of Elizabeth’s feelings for him, and his need to lash out against those who hurt him. George will often do something irrational or self-sabotaging, just because it will cause Ross pain in some way or provide him with inconveniences. He has no interest in a second marriage, until he learns that his much-hated stepson loves the woman, and then he sneeringly decides to go through with it, just to hurt him. He often turns to others to help him figure out what to do next, after his plans fail spectacularly — and relies on them, more than his own thinking process, to come up with a plan of action. His intentions and methods make sense to him, but not always in the long term, and he can convince himself of things that are not true — among them that Elizabeth and Ross have had a long term affair behind his back.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

George has to win. It’s that simple. He has to beat Ross, and he cannot stand it when others draw attention from him. He is so busy pursuing success and power that he never stops to self-evaluate, to decide what truly matters in his life, or to think about what his image-driven decisions will mean for his wife and children. He ruthlessly guards his reputation and becomes furious whenever Ross makes him out to be a fool in front of other people. He’s obsessed with appearances — he cannot look like a cuckold or a failure. His charity balls are all about seeking power, rather than helping the poor). He can become passive and depressed under stress, moving into his 9 disintegration point – losing interest in his career and family after a loss and having little access to his feelings. George’s 4 wing can be melancholic, focused on what he does not have rather than what he possessed, and even melodramatic. He often loses his temper and shows his feelings.