Caroline’s mind goes to matters of practicality first; she is intrigued but slightly amused that Dwight receives almost no income for his medical practice, since that’s an inefficient way to run a business. She falls in love with him, but then hopes he’ll take more initiative and start up a functioning practice in Bath. Once aware of what damage their marriage would do to both their incomes and reputations, Caroline makes the logical choice and abandons him (temporarily) in the belief both will prosper better apart than together. She can sometimes be rather cutting in conversation, though she offers practical assistance whenever she can. She has a kind heart, though she prefers to conceal it behind flirtations, smiles, and sarcasm rather than come right out with her feelings. Caroline acts on her emotions, arranging a coach, intending to run away with Dwight, and inquiring if she might visit his room, when she realizes he must leave in the morning. Seeing that the local town needs fruit, to combat illness, she arranges for quantities of it to be delivered, without telling anyone she’s responsible. Because she values Ross, as Dwight’s friend, she bails him out of bankruptcy (inferior Fi). She knows how society works and respects it, even if she doesn’t always seek to live within its constraints (she dares to consider marriage beneath her station, to a man without much fortune, and later becomes engaged all the same, choosing to spend an afternoon alone with him in his rooms). Caroline both respects and scorns traditional methods of thought. She is attentive to details, and inclined to remember small things about Dwight and their former conversations. She has a down to earth approach to most of her interactions, and is appreciative of, and attentive toward, her sensory environment. Her ability to see the bigger picture comes in handy when making decisions; Caroline, for reasons of her own, bails Ross Poldark out of a bind, by investing in his mind, in the hope (not the knowledge) that it will make a future profit. She changes her mind about Dwight, several times. She sees the greater ramifications of their relationship, and worries about their incomes, to the extent that she asks him if he’s concerned about what might happen as a result.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Caroline is ambitious and cares about her appearance; she does not want to give others the wrong idea, and enjoys showing off her attractive husband but does wish he would be a little more ambitious and perhaps ask for money from his clients, rather than healing so many people on “favors.” She likes to show off her friends, throw big and successful parties, and draw others into her inner circle. As a social 3, she can be competitive and out of touch with her own feelings, unaware of their depth and unable to admit to them. This shows in her brokenness after the loss of her child — she does not entirely know how to deal with it, and falls into a 9ish passivity about her future, believing she will never be a mother nor recover from her apathy. Her 2 wing is seductive but also useful, interested in assisting the greater populace and quick to step into action whenever anyone needs her.