Drake has such a pure heart, he does not believe in “forcing” anyone to do anything against their will. He often allows his emotions to guide him, at the expense of his logic, such as when he steals Morwenna’s child away to make her happy, without thinking of the consequences. His sister points out to him that if he does this, they must flee England and go so far away, the boy’s grandmother will never find them. He has a genuine, pure-hearted love for Morwenna, which allows her all the time she needs to recover from her first abusive marriage. Drake expresses his hatred of George by stocking his pond with dreaded frogs just to provoke him, after George has him banned off the property. He is principled and acts on his feelings, but does not show much logical thinking other than in his problem-solving skills. He is an idealist who believes in a bright future, even when Morwenna cannot. She believes herself damaged beyond repair, forever tainted, and “ruined.” Drake  still wants to marry her. He sees a different, better life for them ahead, full of happiness, prosperity, love, and children. His faith in the unseen potential that lies around them eventually sways her to sharing his belief that they can overcome her problems, together. His idealism can make it hard for him to deal with reality, but he is also quick to put together the big picture when his sister points it out to him, and alter his efforts on his wife’s behalf. He has meticulously learned his own trade and teaches it to his brother, encouraging him in his repeated but inept attempts to bend metal. Drake doesn’t want his life to alter so much that he has to leave his family, friends, and what he is used to, behind.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Drake is above all a peacemaker. He pleads with Morwenna’s ex-mother-in-law to allow her to see her son, or to take him away with them, then runs away when she tries to accuse him of being a thief. Later, he intervenes again on his wife’s behalf, begging the woman to let her have a peaceful moment of farewell to her son. Drake is patient, calm, and kind, able to grant Morwenna as much time, distance, and no touching as she requires to heal herself. He uses indirect, even passive-aggressive methods, to react toward George. His 1 wing wants to do the right thing, and helps him uphold his ideals.