Morwenna contents herself with the simple pleasures in life, and finds her happiest self when teaching children in the local school. She enjoys applying what she knows of history and literature to help shape young minds in productive ways. Her own previous, subjective experiences also strongly shape her expectations, and make her unable to see the difference between her abusive husband and Drake Carne. She admits she was allowing her former experiences to “close her off from love… from your love,” and it was his repeated attempts to show her kindness without wanting anything more from her, that proved to her she could trust him. Her circumstances so traumatized her, she could not “see any other future in which she was happy.” Generous, emotional, and compassionate, Morwenna capitulates to a marriage she does not want because she feels she has no choice. She stays faithful to that husband, and eventually finds the courage to assert herself after having his child. Because she knows the boy will be better off with his grandmother, living a rich and educated lifestyle, she gives him up after her husband’s death. Repeatedly, she tells Drake how sorry she is that they cannot have a full marriage, but is also honest and open about her feelings and her desire not to be touched in any way. She must rationalize through her feelings and break out of her head to restore her belief that she can find great happiness, if she allows herself to trust and love Drake. And, happily, she admits that she never wants to leave her new marital bed, “though I avoided it so long.” Morwenna is not a dreamer, and often clings to Drake’s excitement about the future and anticipation that it will bring them the happiness she craves. She allows him to dream for her, and to lead her there through his kindness.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Morwenna is conflict-adverse and tends to merge with others’ wants and needs. She does not like to assert herself, and her abusive first husband easily frightens her into obedience. She tries to ignore his actions and make it all right, but later must admit how much it scarred her. In an attempt to work through her PTSD, she self-isolates and tries to numb herself, to forget, and to ignore the past, though it repeatedly stifles her desired relationship with Drake. Fear (disintegration into 6) makes her able to be combative, but she still prefers harmony and to do most of her connecting to her son alone. Her 1 wing wants to be good, pure, and finds it easy to be kind, but also judges herself harshly for being unable to overcome her past. Once Morwenna learns to forgive herself, and breaks free of her trauma, she blossoms.