Demelza is intensely focused on how others react to her, think of her, and respond to her; she wants to make a good impression on them and is reluctant to show herself off in public for fear of insulting them with her “lowly” presence. She easily opens up to Ross’ cousin about her fears of being improper. She has a fiery disposition and is free in showing her feelings, whether that includes slamming a servant to the ground for thieving a meat pie she “spent all mornin’ makin’!” or admitting to not wanting to be seen at the mines for fear of making others uncomfortable. But heaven help you if you think you can tell her what to do! On occasion, Demelza ponders the meaning of life, their place in it, what brought her there, Ross’ motivations, etc. She is more curious as to how things work and why they are what they are, and always has a good argument whenever she is challenged (inferior Ti). She believes in the “proper” way of doing things, and has trouble adjusting at first to her new life, and giving up her old habits (fetching things, bringing water, cleaning, etc). She enjoys showing the new housemaid what to do, and asks others to show her exactly how to do things “right” (curtsy, style her hair, and learn to dance). Demelza has no interest in riches or in putting on airs, but is satisfied with “simpler pleasures” – like the feel of a newborn baby in her arms. She sometimes refers back to her own interactions with people, when asked to form conclusions about them. Her free time is spent gazing out into the nothingness and daydreaming with her dog at her side. The servants accuse her of absent-mindedness, and her father thinks her head is full of fantasizes. Demelza, however, has a rosy outlook on life and believes that most things will turn out all right. She’s curious about the things she doesn’t know, and open to changing her lifestyle dramatically, even though it’s a bit intimidating to her at first. She naturally senses things about other people and often is driven to act on them, particularly if she believes it will make them happy.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sp

Demelza has a strong desire to look after and care for people. Even though Elizabeth dislikes her, and the rest of the Poldarks do not want her, when Demelza finds out that they are all sick, she tends to their needs. She interferes in setting up ways for a relative to see the man she loves, much to Ross’ annoyance, because it causes friction within the family. Demelza wavers between being generous, open, and engaging and falling into low 8 aggressive tendencies — when Ross first finds her, she is defending her dog from a fighting ring. When a servant eats a pie she spent all day making, in a rage, Demelza tackles him to the ground and gives him a beating. She wants love and acceptance, and to be seen as appropriate, but isn’t above morphing to fit a situation, using her feminine whiles to help Ross, and following her whims. She wants admiration and acceptance.