Ross’ opportunistic nature causes him to leap into situations feet first; he undertakes enormous financial and personal risks to bring about what he wants to see happen, including smuggling a murderer out of the country, using his home as a base of operations to steal from ships, re-opening the mine (and investing all his money in it), etc. Ross tends to indulge his sensual needs whenever he is in a funk, including bedding a prostitute, then his maid (later his wife). He has a confrontational, aggressive manner about him, and is unafraid to get his hands dirty, literally or otherwise. He has a general attitude that whatever happens, happens… and he’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it. His wife accuses him of being reckless, and wishes he would behave in a more safety-conscious manner. He marries a servant because he believes it is the right thing to do, not to ascribe to any social boundaries of propriety; in fact, Ross rather scorns social niceties. He says what he likes, whether or not other people like it, and refuses to back down on the things he feels passionately about. He struggles to “present” a more amenable front to the world, and tends to act on his strongest feelings of right or wrong, whether or not it is advantageous to the situation or his bottom line. In many instances, he chooses to act on his sense of moral justice (or his true feelings) where it would be more prudent to be submissive and/or hold his tongue. Ross returns home from the wars, recovers his family home, puts the servants in order, brings a new serving girl into the house, promptly re-opens the mines, finds investors, and sets about making a profit. His mind is oriented towards business, and pursuing what he wants, and he has no time for nonsense. He has a straightforward, direct manner, and a quick tendency to “take charge” of situations and assert himself. Ross believes in the rule of law up to a point, but has no problem challenging authority or breaking it when he believes a law is wrong. Ross has a romanticized view of his first love that is not realistic, but based on his impression of her as an ideal. He can be so narrow-minded in his pursuits, both romantically and business-wise, that he overlooks other possibilities in his environment, such as the fact that he is falling in love with his wife. He specifically knows what he wants and goes after it, but has a poor ability to predict future trends or foresee the outcome of his decisions (inferior Ni).

Enneagram: 8w7 so/sx

Ross fears no one and nothing, and is often the first one to jump into action. He does not like to be thwarted or controlled, and has trouble hemming in his aggression – he can be confrontational, reactive, and angry, with a volatile temper and a tendency to act before he thinks (in the process, impregnating Elizabeth). Before he settles down with his wife, he is in a continual search to alleviate his own pain and avoid self-reflection, through fulfilling his sexual desires with prostitutes. He’s passionate, rebellious, and provocative. His 7 wing wants continual newness and adventure, causing him to lose interest in things after awhile, but it can also be idealistic and hopeful for the future. He only becomes introspective and self-reflecting when he almost loses his wife – causing him to fall into 5-like analysis and detachment.