Though warm and generous in her emotional responses, especially to kids, Bess also woefully miscalculates emotional situations. She becomes so preoccupied with her own feelings for a beautiful girl that she ruins their first date and winds up almost in tears. She doesn’t know how to let people down who ask her out gracefully. Rather than charm a suspect, she blurts out all her doubts, insecurities, and even accuses her of murder, on impulse. She is an effective waitress, though George finds her a little scatterbrained and inclined to not watch people as carefully as she should. Bess is interested in proof, evidence, and pointing out logical truths. She can be blunt and straightforward, sometimes rushing to find out the truth without pausing to think before she blurts out whatever she’s thinking. Bess is a girl of action. When she found out she had family in the bay area, she dropped everything and moved there, hoping for a life of family, wealth and prosperity. She loves aesthetics and daydreams about the gorgeous home she will have one day, going so far as to pick out exactly what she wants in advance. She loves clothes, perfumes, and beautiful things — and has a habit of stealing things, even from crime scenes. She shows flits of Ni insight — she willingly believes before anyone else does in the potential existence of ghosts (and she is proven right, when the dead girl begins to haunt Nancy after she finds the bloodstained dress in her attic). When Bess misjudges someone’s personality, a coworker excuses her idealism by saying Bess was just trying to believe the best of them. Bess sometimes meditates on what she wants out of her future.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Bess cares immensely about appearances. She lies to her coworkers and friends about living in a fine house when in actuality it’s a trailer. She tries to convince Nancy that it’s just “temporary” but gratefully accepts her invitation to “move in for a few days.” She hesitates in returning a girl’s call, because she doesn’t know how to explain her unsightly “digs.” Bess’ dreams for the future all include being rich, famous, and wearing the most designer clothes. Nancy convinces her to attend a masked ball, because she will get the chance to wear a “gorgeous dress.” Her 2 wing is generous and helpful, eager to insinuate herself into the group through offering assistance, ideas, and action.