George is an opportunist who becomes involved with the richest married man in the area and regularly sneaks into his high-class mansion behind his wife’s back to conduct their affair. She has no trouble putting the skids on it, however, when she starts having second thoughts about it. Unlike Bess, who is willing to believe anything at the merest suggestion of it, George wants to get her hands on it first. She’s willing to sneak in places, steal things, and bail Nancy out of sticky situations. She’s the queen of quick fixes, even if it includes grabbing her little sister’s “monster toy” so that spirits can communicate with them using its different-colored lights. When spirit walking in Ace’s mind, she picks up on subtle sensory clues in the environment, leading her to form connections (she recognizes the boots that do not fit Ace are a vital clue to who the informant is in the sheriff’s office). But she isn’t one for speculating, guessing whodunit without good cause, or thinking much about her future. George does carry a hint of superstition, since once she literally “kicks the bucket,” she sees blood, implying that before the year is out, her life will come to a brutal end. But not if she can help it. She starts out the series as Nancy’s “mortal enemy” from school, where she developed an intense hatred of Nancy due to a misunderstanding. George doesn’t like to admit she has more sensitive feelings toward her sexual partner than she pretends to have, but she also tolerates no bull. She shares none of her sensitive or tender feelings, ever, but keeps them bottled up inside and deals with them in private. George can be kind to children, but cutting to her irresponsible “boozing” mother, who she judges for her binge-drinking and inability to deal with seeing ghosts. Her Te comes out strongly in her tendency to berate Bess for her poor work ethic, her keeping of her employees in line, keeping the bottom profits in mind, and in her approach to problem-solving. George heads straight for the most practical option every time, and has considerably less interest in “figuring it out for its own sake” than Nancy.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Emotions are weakness. Sensitivity is weakness. If there is one think George does not intend to be, it’s weak. She can be rude, abrasive, and inconsiderate, a bully at work and a fierce enemy to tangle with. George has no problem telling people off or asserting herself. She feels duty-bound to take care of her sister, because her “pathetic” (weak) mother cannot. She has little time for her coworkers’ romantic woes and tends to sneer at their failures. But all of this covers up her deeper insecurities about being wanted for her own self, and wanting to care. She pretends less involvement than she feels for the man she was seeing, but her 7 wing also has no problem distracting herself, walking out when things get hard or unpleasant, or ignoring her issues. She is risk-taking and adventurous, even gets a thrill out of rule-breaking, but is more down to earth and practical in many ways than Nancy, due to her 8 instinctive awareness of “who has the power here.”