Nancy must make sense of things! She digs into the murder of a local beauty pageant queen dead for several years because the pieces do not “add up” in her head, then drags her friends into the investigation, linking it with a more recent local death. Though initially reluctant to embrace the idea of a ghost communicating with her, Nancy comes to see the logic of accepting her situation and responding to the ghost’s clues. She tends to analyze and keep things secret, or buried deep inside her mind, constantly asking questions of herself, her loved ones, and her environment, in an attempt to understand it – and she often figures things out in the process of doing them. She is a risk-taker and opportunist, who started up a sexual relationship with a guy just because she wanted an “outlet” but had no real intention of becoming emotionally entangled with him. She breaks into the morgue to steal evidence, then uses her charms and quick thinking to get herself out of trouble. Nancy isn’t above breaking into a mansion, sneaking into an exclusive “invitees only” masquerade ball, or leaping on the chance to communicate with the other side if it will get her further in the case. She is highly observant, picking up on minor clues, discovering bugs and hidden cameras, and drawing quick connections … that sometimes may or may not be true. She accuses her father of murder and concealing evidence, she doubts whether she can trust Nick, and above all, she has a “hunch” that she has to keep on digging. Her inferior Fe struggles to meet her boyfriend’s emotional needs – she tries to avoid emotional intimacy and commitment, and is unhappy when that backfires and causes him to leave the relationship. She also has not yet learned to prioritize other people, as she continually sacrifices his needs and wants in her attempts to solve the mystery (stealing the coins off him, and winding up accidentally “melting them down” by using them in a séance).

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/sp

Nancy takes no one at face value and at some point in the series, questions everyone’s motives and whether or not they could have committed murder, among other crimes. Her own father says that as long as he has known her, Nancy has been “questioning” whether she can trust others. Her counter phobic nature makes her sometimes blurt out something (asking her father straight out over dinner if he killed someone) or challenge someone, even if she’s intimidated. Nancy prefers to go at things alone, but also doesn’t like her friends or boyfriend angry with her. She is witty and blows hot and cold in her relationships, sometimes drawing people in, other times pushing them away. She helps Bess for no real reason other than kindness, but is the ultimate commitment-phobic. Her 7 wing wants to avoid the pain of her mother’s death at all costs, leading her into a few months of emotionless sex, a refusal to visit her grave or to talk about the loss. She tries to bury herself in work and not face her own feelings.