Diaval is forthcoming with his feelings of disappointment and frustration at being turned into a human but still lives out his oath to act as Maleficent’s servant, her “wings.” He often expresses himself as he feels things, remarking on Princess Aurora as a child being delightful, and prodding Maleficent to admit to her more tender feelings for the little girl. He champions her right to marry Philip and urges Maleficent to have more appropriate emotional responses to his news (it’s not nice to want Philip dead, or suffering from leprosy!). He coaches her on how best to seem unthreatening at dinner, even going so far as to help her smile in less a threatening manner (“great, now try it with less fang”). Diaval is quick-thinking, and figures out things while he is doing them, but prefers to act more than analyze (inferior Ti). He shows much distress at having been turned into a human (and various other things) out of his usual bird form. It’s just not what he likes or what he’s used to, although over time he becomes more Ne-ishly optimistic about his possible forms (“have you ever thought about transforming me into a bear?”). Diaval is not afraid to commit for the long term, nor to focus on the minor details of making Maleficent seem more appropriate among humans. He’s a useful assistant to her, because he’s able to remember important details. His sense that something is wrong at the wedding party causes him to break away from the group and investigate, enabling him to help Aurora free their friends.

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Diaval thinks that those who do things for others are “owed” – like most 2s, he wants to repay his debt but also expects things in return, things Maleficent is not always willing to grant him, like respect. He tirelessly works on her behalf, assisting her in whatever way she needs, going out of his way to help Aurora, and in protecting their kind. He risks his mistress’ wrath by speaking his mind and being forthcoming, by championing Aurora’s right to happiness with Philip, and through his persistent attempts to get Maleficent to do the “right” thing, which is his 1 wing’s influence. He wants to be appropriate and good.