Philip is a warm-hearted and generous young man, who is also aware of appropriate social behaviors. When encouraged by others to kiss Aurora, he points out they have only just met, and this does not feel right. He assumes others share his deep love for the person he has chosen to marry, because it is appropriate and expected to feel love for one’s spouse, and thus urges his mother to break the curse on his father with “true love’s kiss.” He is surprised when she cannot bring him out of the spell. Though loyal to his parents, when Philip finds out the truth about his mother’s diabolical nature, he tries to make peace with their enemies by pointing out how she wanted a war and “you are giving it to them.” He states that in future, the two kingdoms will live in harmony and seek peace, that he and Aurora will change how faeries and humans interact. He sees them as a unit, as a “we” who can alter the kingdom. He shows very little ability to self-analyze, or to question his mother’s methods and tactics, owing to his weak inferior Ti. Philip assumes that if a kiss broke a sleeping curse before, it can do so again – and is surprised when it doesn’t. He has placed such stock in his own interactions with his mother that he assumes she is someone other than she isn’t – since she has always been kind to him, he thinks her kind in general. A meticulous and thoughtful prince, it takes him five years to work up the courage to ask Aurora to marry him. He shares her excitement for the future, her idealism and desire to forever change the kingdoms (to unite them and make them harmonious), but is not good at sensing who the true enemy among them is; yet when he discovers the truth, Philip quickly adapts to the new situation and strives to unite others toward a common shared outcome that benefits them all (Fe).  

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Like Aurora, Philip does not care for conflict or inappropriateness. He wants his new family to get along. He’s an idealist who strives to make the world more beautiful, more harmonious, and more magical, simply through his open-minded acceptance of the faeries across the river… in spite of centuries of negative superstition and fear toward them. He finds ways to help others agree with him or stubbornly ignores their pessimism in favor of his desired outcome. His 1 wing is principled and moralistic. He desires to do the right thing and tries to atone for his mistakes. When very young, he concerns himself with whether it’s okay for him to kiss a girl who is asleep or not, despite the urging of her faerie godmothers! (He argues they have barely met, and cannot possibly love each other!)