Scottie wants to make sense of everything from a rational standpoint, which means when an old friend tries to convince him that his wife has been possessed by the spirit of a dead woman, Scottie is skeptical. He follows her around for days, tracking her behavior and trying to make sense of what he can’t explain, until he starts being sucked into her world. He becomes convinced that he can find a way to break this ‘spell’ that she is under and free her from it, by taking her places and talking her through her delusions. Once he believes her dead and the case ended, Scottie is still incapable of moving on from it – he gets stuck in a rut, where he can’t move on, can’t become useful, and can’t get over loving a dead woman. When he sees Judy on the street, he becomes obsessed with reconnecting to her, not as herself, but as Madeline. He enters into a Si loop, as he tries to force her (without her consent and against her objections) to ‘become’ Madeline in order to recapture a dead woman, rather than accepting Judy as a separate person and getting to know her for herself. Scottie somewhat naively assumes they can’t be the same person, despite the intense similarities, until he sees her wearing Madeline’s necklace. Then the entire picture comes into focus for him at once, built up of his intuitive perception of what happened—Madeline’s husband hired Judy to pretend to be her and mislead Scottie, so that he could be incapable of saving her due to his vertigo, causing them to rule it a suicide at the inquest. Then, the husband dumped Judy and left her with nothing, after using her to help commit a crime, knowing she could not go to the police without implicating herself. Scottie drifts in and out of delusional obsession and fixation, his intuitive desire to make sense of everything, while being incapable of moving on from the past in any healthy way. His inferior Fe is good in that he is pleasant and accommodating, easily able to express his feelings, but also poor in that he has no respect for Judy’s feelings. He bulldozes over her in an attempt to make her fit who he thinks she should be, without thinking of her individual rights (lacking Fi himself, he doesn’t understand or appreciate anyone’s need to be ‘authentic’). He becomes increasingly more erratic, frightening, and unstable as he puts the pieces together and eventually confronts her in such a way that he scares her half to death – inadvertently contributing to her fall from the tower, and his own subsequent devastation. He is also clueless about his best friend being in love with him, and insensitive to her feelings at times (teasing her about being single, without realizing she’s waiting for him).

Enneagram: 5w4 sx/sp

Scotty is an extremely logical man, but also has a morbid side. He does not move on from Madeline and even wants to recreate another woman in her image, to prove they are the same person. This speaks to the 5’s tendency to live “outside” rational thinking, while still being focused on the specifics of a situation. He prefers his dream reality and dream girl to the real one in front of him, keeping her at an emotional distance while he fantasizes about a different version of her. Though temporarily blindsided by his own vertigo, Scottie determines to cure himself, by gradually becoming used to heights. He remains a bachelor late into his life, and is obtuse to the affections of the woman who loves him, showing his desire to remain detached and watch the world from the sidelines. His 4 wing cannot let go of the past, and clings hard to it, trying to remake a woman into his ideal rather than release her. Scotty can be melancholic and want her to suffer for having made him suffer.