Liz has a frank, unapologetic way of viewing reality, untainted by external factors – she sees zombies, she assesses them and dispatches them. She knows Jane is okay in spite of her injuries, because there’s no evidence of infection or a bite on her. Liz tends to take things at face value; she often leaps into dangerous situations with great skill and courage. Her reaction to conflict is to turn to physical aggression (storming off into the woods, throwing books and other things at Darcy, etc). She enjoys being a warrior so much that she has no interest in “relinquishing my sword for matrimony.” Gut instinct tells her Jane will be fine, and is fine, even though she is ill, but Liz doesn’t really show any other signs of intuition. She blindly trusts her eyes and feelings at times, to the extent she believes everything George Wickham tells her. She never contributes to or participates in ensuring everyone in her presence is on the same emotional page; she is fully aware of others’ feelings and her own but prefers to hold her own counsel and not discuss her feelings at length. It takes her a long time to admit her feelings for Darcy. Liz is true to her feelings, whether or not others appreciate it (if she finds Lady Catherine pretentious, she laughs; she has no problem politely but firmly turning down Parson Collins’ proposal, etc). She allows her feelings at times to cloud her judgment (not killing a zombie soon enough). Once things get serious, Liz gets down to business – she comes up with plans and acts on them and is not afraid to kill zombies without sentiment. Furthermore, she tends to act on her feelings rather than talk about them outright (including the terrific proposal scene where she tries to beat up Darcy). Liz can be brutally frank when she wants to be, both in putting gentlemen in line and in assessing her own qualities and those of other people. She does not mince words, but says what she thinks and feels.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Lizzie is bold, unapologetic about her fierce opinions, and not at all interested in conforming to external standards of… well, anything. She smacks her sister’s hands away when Jane tries to put pink into her cheeks. She loads up with weapons and is the first to leap into battle. She tells off Darcy to his face, after he proposes—and if that isn’t enough, she takes after him with flying books and then a poker. She literally wrestles him to the floor and smacks his head between her knees to make a point. If her sisters irk her, she chases them screaming into the garden, with the intent of giving them a beat-down. She wants to avoid, above all, giving up her autonomy and independence for marriage, and asserts her belief that a true love match would not demand she give up her sword for any reason whatsoever. Her 7 wing is flirtatious, funny, and witty. She sees the humor in absolutely everything and often is making jokes or a mockery of things.